Band of Blue Awards


The Band of Blue Booster Club hosted its annual awards program on Thursday, June 10th at Colleton County High School in the Performing Arts Center. This was the 35th annual Band of Blue Awards Program put on by the Band of Blue Booster Club.

Recognized at this year’s event were:

2020-2021 Band of Blue Booster Officers
Booster Club President: Randall Ballew
Booster Vice Presidents; David Jackson, Andy Sahlmann and Kenny Thurston
Secretaries; Marie Ackerman and Kim Padgett
Treasurer: Jamie Bunton

New 2021-2022 Officers
Booster Club President: Randy Ballew
Booster Vice Presidents; David Jackson, Steven Boyert and Jerry Edens
Secretaries; Kim Padgett and Lena Holmes
Treasurer: Jamie Bunton

Recognized for their help and support:
CCSD Interim Superintendent John Tindal
Parents Misty Ballew, Andy and Mary Anne Sahlmann, Tina Ritchie and Tony Chubb

“Mary Anne Bunton” Good Friend Award: Coastal Electric Co-Op
Tim and Donna Sumner

The following band awards were also distributed to students.

Receiving the Dannette Chubb Memorial Big Blue Scholarship presented by Dr. Casey Chubb was Band of Blue senior George Ritchie.

8th grade Band of Blue Marchers:
Niquee Agina
Stephen Arnold
Miracle Barksdale
Jada Christian
Mackayla Connelly
Julie Deshane
Carla Harrison
Nora Holmes
Dominick Jackson
Shawn Jacques
Josh King
Caroline Mizzell
Ethan Nichols

Most Outstanding Junior Band: Niquee Agina and Shawn Jacques
Region Band/All State
The Following Students Were Selected to The 2021 SCBDA All Region Bands.
JUNIOR BAND: Niquee Agina, Shawn Jacques, Makayla Connelly, Ethan Nichols, Avery Floresca and Dominick Jackson
CLINIC BAND: Dayzanae Neals, Derek Oliver, Trequan Stokes and Edward Jacques
SENIOR BAND:Sydney Howard, Jermia Christian, Thomas Hiott and George Ritchie

2021 SCBDA All State Band: Zoe Buckner and Shawn Jacques

Color Guard Awards
Guard Captain- Morgan Hadwin and Adashia Goettee
Most Improved Guard Members: Alexis Gilliland, Hannah Haley, Lindsey Barnes and Krysta Padgett
The Slam Guard Award: Michelle Bachewicz
The Toss Guard Award: Krysta Padgett
The Spin Guard Award: Lily Boyert
Most Outstanding Color Guard: Morgan Hadwin

Band Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, & Quarter Masters

Band Of Blue Band Captain: Sydney Howard

Woodwind/Brass/Percussion Captains:
Jermia Christian, Christina Morrall, George Ritchie And Bradley Westbury

Equipment Quarter Masters:
Dooley Hiott, Rhaynie Bongiorno, Chandler Ballew, Christina Morrall, Nate Green, Daniel Cortez, TreQuan Stokes, Edward Jacques, Catherine Bunton, Haley Jackson, Gavin Thurston, Zack O’Quinn, Peyton Grant, Bradley Westbury, Stephanie Arnold

2020-2021 Band of Blue Drum Majors:
Chandler Ballew and Rhaynie Bongiorno

2021- 2022 Band of Blue Drum Majors:
Sierra Smart And Peyton Grant

2021 Incoming Rookies for Next Year’s Band Are:
Nikki Agina; Lanie Sanders; Carla Harrison; Caroline Mizzell; Josh King;Nora Holmes; Miracle Barksdale; Jade Christian; Shawn Jaques; Mackayla Connelly; Jada Christian; Avery Floresca, Dominick Jackson; Stephen Arnold; Ethan Nichols; Terreon Gatewood; Sam Kumar; Zack Ballew; Jayden Garvin; Jazmin Soto; Gabriel Brown; Lacey Morris; Brianna Pollard; Shannon Smoak; Jazmin Hernandez; Karla Herrara; Giselle Cortez; Tibbie Walling; Ashlyn Stanley; Abigail Hernandez; Emma Beach; Samuel Oquinn; Brantley Padgett; Sarah Wilson; Atreyl Holllman; Ryleigh Laughlin; Emma Bailey; Liberty Polk; Aiden Risher; Adrian Jenkins; Morgan Stewart; Leo Pablo-Cox; Charley Crabb; Kiana Hill; Willis Stivender; Marquez Kirkland

Receiving Band Letters for 2020-2021

Those Lettering For The First Time Are:
Harly Vargas
Ally Stephens
Aricka Deshane
Ashley Garcia
Zoe Buckner
Ianesheshqua Perez
Jade Grant
Kamron Longfellow
Cameron Thigpen
Samuel Jamison
Marissa Hill
Morgan Edens
Cameron Ballew
Derek Oliver
Chris Stanley
Carlos Soto
Kadence Koger
Atreyl Hollman
Samuel O’Quinn
Sean Fanchette
Kaliyah Johnson
Lily Boyert
Calli Rhodes
Sandy Morrall
Alysia Breland
Addie Smoak
Josie Cole
Sierra Smart
Gavin Thurston
Zack O’Quinn
Sammy Ferguson
Abraham Green

Those Lettering For The Second Time Are:
Eric Campbell
Delaine Ford
Kevin White
Jamiah Lawton
Peyton Grant
Dooley Hiott
Dayzanae Neals
TreQuan Stokes
Eddie Jacques
Amber Parker
Amanda Sahlmann
Daniel Cortez
Devin Valentine
Stephanie Arnold
Anya Elliott

Those Lettering For The Third Time Are:
KaShawn Lambright
Krysta Padgett
Haley Jackson
Catherine Bunton

Four Year Lettermen Are:
Sydney Howard
Savannah Bongiorno
Christina Morrall
Chandler Ballew
Jermia Christian
Bradley Westbury
Adashia Goetee
Morgan Hadwin
Anola Dowling
Michelle Bachawicz
George Ritchie
Band of Blue Director Tom Finigan recognized and presented plaques to the Class of 2021:
Michelle Bachewicz
Chandler Ballew
Rhaynie Bongiorno
Jermia Christian
Daniel Cortez
Anola Dowling
Adashia Goettee
Nate Green
Tah Griffith
Morgan Hadwin
Sydney M. Howard
Christina Morrall
George Ritchie
Amanda Sahlmann
Bradley Westbury
Asonti Youmans

Most Improved Rookie:
Cameron Ballew, Kamren Longfellow

Most Improved Percussion:
Stephanie Arnold and Carlos Soto

Most Improved Woodwind:
Cameron Thigpen, Kevin White

Most Improved Brass:
Edward Jacques

Most Improved Guard:
Calli Rhodes, Nykeia Hornsby

Most Outstanding Woodwind:
Zoe Buckner

Most Outstanding Brass Player:
Jermia Christian

Most Outstanding Percussionist:
George Ritchie

USMC “Semper Fi” Musicianship Award:
Bradley Westbury, Amanda Sahlmann

Band of Blue Rookies of The Year:
Zoe Buckner, Derek Oliver

The Most Outstanding Sophomores: Edward Jacques and Tre’Quan Stokes

The Most Outstanding Junior: Sierra Smart and Dooley Hiott

The 2021 William T. Young Jr. True Blue Award:
Christina Morrall, Daniel Cortez, Adashia Goettee and Chandler Ballew

The 2021 Directors Award for Excellence:
George Ritchie and Jermia Christian

The 2021 John Philip Sousa: Sydney Howard and Rhaynie Bongiorno

During the awards, Finigan thanked all of the Parents that do so much for The Band of Blue.
He also noted Special Thanks to Jason Johnson, Casey Chubb, Austin Ballew, Anthony Crimley, Maria Manaeva, Cody Dalton, Megan Newton, Taylor Fussell, Bob Buckner, Clayton Parker, Ryan Krywinski, Bill Locklear, Joe Meshach, Chuck Deen and Mr. Bill Young.
The Band of Blue is under the direction of Tom Finigan with assistance from Associate Director Nick Infinger, and Assistant Directors; Cathy Meshach, Clay Blackwood, Thomas Finigan and Guard Instructor Bailey Raez.

The band will be back for the 2021 season at Band Camp starting July 19th.


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