Airport Commission continues with hangar plans



The Walterboro-Colleton County Airport Commission met on September 9th and discussed plans to improve plane hangars.

During that meeting, a resolution was passed by the Walterboro-Colleton County Airport Commission to support a proposal to be sent to the United States Congress. This proposal is requesting appropriations from the Pending Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which would fund certain capital improvement projects at the airport.

The Lowcountry Regional Airport currently has three active runways, and a recent statewide study determined that the economic impact of the Lowcountry Regional Airport was estimated to be $26.4 million.

In a recent airport commission meeting, U.S. Congressman James Clyburn expressed his desire to help the airport achieve expansion through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and other sources of funding.

Improving the runways, terminal, and technology would attract future commercial, industrial, and logistics projects for the betterment of the economy of the county and job growth.

The airport would also like to do more to prominently feature the significant history and legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen Museum.

Runway rehab planned

In new business, the commission voted to proceed with the design phase of the Runway and Taxiway Pavement Rehab Project as set out in the Capital Improvement Plan for 2022. According to the budget, the total estimated cost for two runway pavement rehabilitation design is $405,000.

With federal and state entitlements, apportionment and participation, Colleton’s cost is only $20,250.

Fuel sales skyrocket

Airport Operations Manager Roger Medlin reported that August fuel sales were above average at just less than 12,500 gallons for the month.

“We have had record fuel sales for each of the last three summer months,” said Medlin in a written statement. “Jet traffic is still on the increase into the Lowcountry Regional Airport.”

He also said September fuel sales were off to very good start, with a number of military aircraft fueling at LRA. “We should have another record month for fuel sales with hunting season now upon us,” Medlin added.

Flagpole could be erected at airport

Airport commission members also discussed the costs involved in installing a commercial flagpole at 35 feet tall, with a 5x8 flag designed for schools and up to three story buildings.

The cost without lights and labor is $3,995.00. Labor and light estimates will be presented at the next meeting.

Fire ant control to start

Vegetation and fire ant control programs through the State Aeronautics will begin in about two weeks. It will include runways 5/23 and 17/35, parallel taxiway A, and some weed control in drainage ditches.

Quality Enterprises Corporation is still interested in building up to three corporate hangars east of taxiway D.


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