Additional Parking Opportunities Available


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Colleton Parking Management, LLC a new local parking management company has entered into an agreement with “Make Walterboro Better, LLC” to manage different parking lots in Walterboro. “Make Walterboro Better, LLC” owner Mark Wysong states “We are offering solutions to the upcoming traffic congestion in light of the Murdaugh trial and upcoming events such as the rice festival and any in the future designed to bring tourism into our area that will need reliable parking so that our local business and community can function with an increase in visitors.”

COLLETON PARKING MANAGEMENT, LLC’s initial endeavors are at two parking lots located at 236 Wichman St and 120 Walter St in downtown Walterboro. These parking lots offer overflow parking to local shops on Main Street, surrounding businesses, and is nearby to County offices.

COLLETON PARKING MANAGEMENT, LLC offers affordable short-term parking for visitors with parking at 236 Wichman Street offering 85 parking spaces by Lowcountry Lanes which is a block to Walterboro’s Main Street while 120 Walter Street adds an additional 20 just south of Hampton Street right across from the Walterboro Police Department. Signs will be posted near and around both parking lots directing visitors.

Co-Owner Stewart McAdoo says “We are experiencing the growth of Colleton County and one of our biggest economic factors is tourism that brings money into the area. We want to be able to provide favorable places for people to park while minimizing impact to local businesses and enterprises. Colleton County will continue to grow and host events; we see a demand for parking.”

COLLETON PARKING MANAGEMENT, LLC is a private enterprise and is not partnered with any local entities except which is explicitly stated here. If you are interested in hearing more about COLLETON PARKING MANAGEMENT, LLC or would like to discuss how COLLETON PARKING MANAGEMENT, LLC can help manage your parking lot, please contact them at 1-888-243-7218.


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