A Moment of Indiscretion


Are you reading the Bible through with me? Grab your pen and journal, and get ready to write your thoughts as you journey through the Bible.

Today, Read Numbers 19-21. In Chapter 20, once again, the people begin to grumble and long for Egypt, even though they had been slaves.

Now, they complained because they had no water. Even after witnessing all that Yahweh had done for them, their faith was still weak and shallow.

Once again, Moses and Aaron found themselves face down at the Tent of Meeting where Yahweh appeared and spoke. He told Moses and Aaron to assemble the people and speak to the rock and water would begin to flow.

This sounds pretty simple, BUT!

By this time, Moses had just about all he could stand of the whining Israelites. His aggravation with the people caused him to say something totally inappropriate and downright sinful.

Moses said to them, "Must WE bring water out of this rock for you." He took credit for what something only Yahweh would do. And then, to make it worse, his irritation at the people caused him to either forget or ignore God’s instructions. Instead of speaking to the rock, he struck it. He lashed out and hit the rock with his staff twice, probably forceably. His attitude was obviously bad, but the most important issue was Moses’ devotion to and dependance on the staff, and not God. The staff had become an idol.

Moses and Aaron messed up here because they did not follow the instructions of Yahweh and it cost them dearly. Neither of them would be allowed to enter the land of promise (20:12).

We must always be on guard because, in a fallen and broken world, frustration and disappointment are rampant. Life is difficult and sometimes, we speak or act without thinking carefully. The truth is that a single moment of indiscretion or poor judgement can radically change the course of our lives.

Guard your heart. Guard your mind. Guard your tongue.

Pray:Lord, help me to do just that – guard my heart, my mind, and my tongue. And I will make this a part of my daily prayers so that my thoughts, words and actions will always bring You honor. Glorify Yourself in my life today.


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