10 facing charges for drug smuggling operation at Colleton detention center


PRESS RELEASE - Colleton County, SC (July 28, 2022): On June 12, 2022, Kenneth Beach entered the lobby of the CCDC and delivered a bottle of medicated shampoo to staff. Beach asked that the shampoo be delivered to an inmate in Max. Prior to delivery, the nurse inspected the bottle and discovered nearly 50 grams of marijuana concealed in the liquid shampoo. The following day, an investigation was launched into the incident. Recorded calls revealed extensive planning between Beach and inmate Ashley “Andy” Murdaugh to introduce illegal contraband into the detention center. The call data also revealed this was not the first time this manner of distribution into the detention center had been organized, with evidence several previous deliveries had been successful.

On July 3rd, 2022, Nicole Goode entered the lobby at the CCDC. After conducting business at the kiosk, Goode entered the public restroom. When Goode exited the restroom, she departed from the lobby. A check of the bathroom following Goode’s departure revealed contraband stashed in the trace receptacle.

The contraband consisted of four (4) Polaroid pictures of Goode, loose GPM (consistent with marijuana), one (1) pack of Newport cigarettes, one (1) pack of Maverick cigarettes, and approximately fifteen (15) loose cigarettes.

On July 4th, Detectives were made aware of a second contraband drop in the lobby’s restroom. This drop was conducted by a male identified as Freeman White, Jr. The drop consisted of marijuana, lighters, and cigarettes.

On July 5th, 2022, Detectives from the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office again began reviewing surveillance footage and recorded phone calls/ messages from the detention center. While investigating these three incidents, a cell phone and charger concealed in a large package marked “Legal Mail” was intercepted by detention center staff. The package was sent to inmate Reakwon “Snow” Daye by a female acquaintance identified as Ashland Horlback. This package was seized on July 7, 2022.

Eventually, detectives uncovered overwhelming evidence that Nicole Goode, Kenneth Beach, Freeman White Jr, and Ashland Horlback conspired with multiple inmates (Ashley “Andy” Murdaugh, Richard Benton Jr, Nicholas Green, Mason Cole, Joanna Velazquez, and Freeman White III) to orchestrate multiple contraband drops at the detention center. Recorded calls detailed the plan(s) and often even described the manner in which the contraband was to be packed before delivery. Several of the drops were successful and pre-dated the incidents listed above.

The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office is committed to our citizens’ safety and asks anyone with information regarding these incidents to call 843-549-2211 or CRIMESTOPPERS