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Matthew 26:15
“And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver.”

We hear from time to time, of an individual who has traded their character and information for money or some political advancement. For whatever their reason may be, they have made a choice to barter the trust and confidence of friends and constituents for some level of power or position they obviously knew they would never get otherwise.
In the colonial days of our country’s history, there were those who sided with England and even spied against the colonies’ effort to obtain independence. One such individual actually began as an officer in George Washington’s Continental Army, Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold’s fame in the U.S. has been limited from the activities and daring exploits he performed as a loyal soldier to the colonies, and we now only remember him for his act of cowardice and betrayal. He turned into a traitor, thus losing the respect of his friends and the opportunity to be a part of history in a more favorable light.
Betrayal is a most difficult offence to get over.
What is historically the most infamous act of personal betrayal is recorded in the Word of God. Judas, one of the 12 disciples, betrayed Jesus Christ to the civil authorities, who arrested and ultimately put Him to death! When you hear the name Judas or Benedict Arnold, you can’t help but get a feeling of angst and even anger at the way they treated those who completely trusted them.
Many of you have faced and felt the deep and lasting pain of having been betrayed by a close friend or family member. There is no way to replace the sleepless nights and the anguish of heart you feel as you try to make sense of the whole painful experience. They say “time” will heal all hurts, but this is one that may be the exception. It’s been over 200 years since Benedict Arnold betrayed America (who do you know that named their child Benedict Arnold?) It’s been 2,000 years since Judas betrayed Jesus, and we all feel the pain and the shame of that betrayal even today! Your experience may be like mine, a close friend, someone you knew, loved, and obviously trusted — yet they took such advantage of your kindness and turned against you with such evil that it seems that you cannot possibly ever “get over it.” We’ve all been done wrong.
Jesus, the precious Son of God and Saviour of the world, showed us how it can be done. While suffering for every wrong thing we have ever done (including the betrayal of Judas), He prayed to God the Father and asked for Him to forgive us all! “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” This message was not sent personally to just one individual, but to the infinite abundance of those who are identified by the pronoun “them.” This means that God, in His divine wisdom and knowledge, was speaking of His offering of mercy and forgiveness to anyone and everyone who would be forgiven … even those who have betrayed and broken the trust of their closest friends and family. Those who have used their position for gain and have abused those under them to advance their own position. Anyone who has taken the life and breath given to them by God and wasted their life in sin and betrayal of God’s mercy and grace … Jesus is willing to forgive even you!
Do you need to be forgiven? Ask Jesus to come into your heart and change your life both for now and all of eternity. Turn away from your sins and believe that what Jesus did for you on the cross was enough to pay of the sins of your life. He rose from the dead to prove His Almighty Power and to guarantee you the gift of eternal life in heaven.
Trust Him today and let Him begin the inner healing you so desperately need.
See you in church!

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