When the twin towers fell

by | September 11, 2019 7:58 am

By Katlyn Jones of Walterboro


Most of the kids in school today weren’t alive when the twin towers fell 9/11.

They don’t have friends who were old enough to remember.

If you do, remind someone else of that awful day.

Today is the day that you have something to say.

I was only five, but I remember & plan to remind

On that day, we turned back to the design

What America was built on, faith & prayer.

We didn’t have strength to spare.

We needed God, we need him now.

We need not to forget how

How he strengthened the week,

How the prideful became meek,

How the old became bold,

How the teen became seen .

Seen among others who volunteered to give,

Now for their countries they would live.

This is the story I tell to the school,

Red, white, blue is always cool.

We’re fighters for right and won’t give in.

We fight against wrong and against sin,

The sin of destroying this country of ours

The sin committed when hitting the towers.

Don’t forget, remember, and remind,

And for the USA, always stand behind




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