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by | June 27, 2019 5:00 pm

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Farm equipment stolen
A resident of Smoaks contacted the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office June 24 at 7:32 p.m. to report farm equipment taken.
The man said that sometime between the morning of June 21 and the afternoon of June 24 someone had taken a orange 2018 Kubota farm tractor valued at $18,500 and three attachments for the tractor valued at $8,600.

Cars sold for scrap
A member of the sheriff’s office was informed that two vehicles reportedly stolen from a Cottageville residence had been sold for scrap.
The deputy found the two vehicles, a silver 1997 Toyota 4Runner worth $2,500 and a silver 2003 Honda Acura RSX, also worth $2,500, at a scrap yard.
The deputy recovered the vehicles and was provided the false documentation used by the subjects to sell the stolen vehicles.
The case remains under investigation.

Stolen car
A deputy working patrol ran a record check on a grey 2003 Cadillac Deville the morning of June 24 and determined that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Charleston County.
The deputy spoke to the female resident and was told that a man inside the home had arrived in the vehicle.
The man told the deputy that he rented the vehicle from a guy in Charleston and he was unaware that it had been stolen.
The deputy asked for the car key to return the vehicle to its owner, but the man said he could not find it.
The car was towed from the home to be returned to the owner.
The case remains under investigation.

Ladder taken
A Walterboro woman reported someone took her new standard metal ladder and a new grinder from a shed in back of her residence on June 23.
However, the suspect made a small mistake — a driver’s license was found at the spot where the ladder formerly resided.

Woman reportedly abused
An emergency room nurse at Hampton Medical Center reported June 23 that a woman brought into the ER was being neglected.
The nurse contacted Hampton County Dept. of Social Services, but since the woman was a Colleton County resident, was referred to Colleton County.
She said the woman was admitted to the hospital covered in fleas, so dirty that she had to be given at least three baths, and with the skin around her waist and groin severely damaged and peeling off.
A family member told the nurse that the woman was being cared for by her son, living in a shed in Walterboro. The family member told the deputy the son was “an avid drug user” and sold his mother’s residence to purchase the shed and support his drug habit. He was also reportedly using his mother’s monthly income to support his drug habit.
Two deputies traveled to Hampton to interview the nurse. Colleton County DSS was contacted and the woman was placed in DSS adult protective custody.

Overdose misconstrued

On June 21, a caller reported to 911 that his wife was unresponsive, had a history of using heroin and he was afraid she had overdosed.
When deputies arrived, the husband said he had received a call from a neighbor who said his wife was unconscious and unresponsive.
Deputies entering the residence found an unknown woman, who was unable to provide information on the reported woman’s location. When the deputies entered the bedroom, they found a woman standing next to the bed and a man sitting on the bed. The deputy observed the man putting something under a pillow.
The standing woman turned out to be the subject of the call, but said she had a stomach bug and did not require medical assistance.
The first woman and the man weren’t so lucky. The woman, Kristie Marie Crosby, 26, of Smoaks, had an active arrest warrant on file for second-degree burglary. The man, William Tyler Goodwin, 28, of Walterboro, was also wanted for second-degree burglary.
While placing the two into patrol vehicles for a trip to jail, deputies spotted Baron Simpson Smith III, 33, of Green Pond, in the yard of the home. Turns out he had an active arrest warrant for second-degree burglary as well and was also placed under arrest.
When the deputy checked under the pillow, he reported finding a clear plastic sandwich bag containing what appeared to be methamphetamine. He also found a $20 bill, which contained a clear plastic bag with a brown powder suspected to be heroin. A field test at the sheriff’s office was positive for methamphetamine. The suspected heroin was sent to SLED for analysis.

Domestic dispute leads to arrest
Deputies responding to a domestic dispute found more than they were looking for on June 24.
A man reported he and his live-in girlfriend got into a verbal dispute and that she tried to run over him with her vehicle as she left.
Deputies found the woman in her vehicle at a local convenience store. She allegedly admitted to having a methamphetamine pipe in one of her bags. While searching the vehicle, a deputy reported finding the pipe, as well as a syringe loaded with a clear liquid that field-tested positive for meth and a clear plastic bag with residue suspected to be meth. There was also a “small hand-rolled marijuana cigar” under the driver’s seat.
After being arrested, the woman was searched and a counterfeit $100 bill was reported found. The woman said she took the suspected meth from her boyfriend in retaliation for his being with an ex-girlfriend. She also said he gave her the $100 bill and she didn’t know it was counterfeit.
Lee Shalaine Guess, 36, of Round O was charged with narcotics violations.

Gas-sniffing man collides with deputies
Deputies responded to a report of a man sniffing gas from a Mountain Dew bottle on June 23 on Augusta Highway.
When deputies arrived, the suspect reportedly ran from the road into the woods with deputies following. One officer attempted to knock the Mountain Dew bottle out of the man’s hands, splashing gas onto the suspect and into the deputy’s eyes, but knocking the man off his feet.
A second deputy was struck in the face while trying to restrain the flailing suspect. However, the deputy was successful and the man was transported to Colleton Medical Center under emergency protective custody.
The gas-covered deputy went home to change clothes.

Man attempts to dive into traffic
Deputies responded to Sidneys Road on June 22 after reports of a man threatening to jump into the roadway in front of cars.
The man told arriving deputies he was upset and felt homicidal. He reportedly told the deputy he wanted to go to a convenience store and choke the first person he saw. He was upset, he said, because he’d worked for someone for a couple of days, had not gotten paid and was going to kill everyone who owed him money.
Colleton Fire-Rescue arrived, and after talking with the man, they transported him to Colleton Medical Center without further incident.

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