Lowcountry Lanes is ready to roll

by | January 10, 2019 5:00 am

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Walterboro’s new bowling establishment is set for its grand opening on Jan. 12 from 10 a.m. to midnight.
Corey Baynard worked with Jason Rasner, who was the project manager for his father Ken Rasner of Summerville and the owner of Lowcountry Lanes, to retrofit the building. He will be the day manager.
Anthony Benton played a major role in transforming the former Walterboro Family Bowl at 226 Wichman St. into Lowcountry Lanes and will be the night manager. The bowling alley will be open seven days a week.
Benton’s construction company, Benton’s Affordable Services LLC, was hired to handle the restoration work. “I have been here from the very beginning, starting with the cleanout,” Benton said.
The renovation of the old bowling alley started as a three-month project that turned into a seven-month project. “We expected obstacles, but not the size there were,” Baynard said. “Some of them were out of our control.”
But the transformation is eye opening. “It turned out better than we could have imagined,” Benton said.
He is especially proud of the counter tops for the sports bar and snack bar portion of the operation. The countertops are made of the wood from old bowling lanes which Benton refinished and repurposed.
Baynard’s favorite part is the interior’s aesthetics. “The basic design, color scheme and layout was mostly me,” Baynard said. “We wanted sleek, clean and modern. Modern with a little bit of old fashioned.”
“We wanted something for the kids and families,” Benton added.
The main focus of the revitalized space are the 14 bowling lanes, complete with new lanes, new pinsetters and new scoring equipment. Benton pointed out that the lanes glow in the dark and have lasers shooting streams of lights.
He said at the beginning the business will be open until 10 p.m. “We don’t have midnight bowl yet, but it is coming.”
Those night hours, he added, will have security on hand to ensure that Lowcountry Lanes remains a family-oriented operation. “We wanted to create a very nice, comfortable atmosphere,” Baynard said.
Baynard said that Lowcountry Lanes is going to use the first month of operation to determine things like their busiest times and busiest days. Then they will be ready to begin forming leagues and start accepting reservations for Lowcountry Lanes’ party room that will be available for children’s parties and business meetings. Information on reservations can be obtained by visiting Lowcountry Lanes’ website or calling 843-782-5454.
Hours will start at 11 a.m. with lunch service available at the snack bar.
“It is a super simple menu — chicken tenders, French fries, sandwiches, deli wraps, and pizza,” Bayard said. “We are focused on good service and high quality ingredients,” he said. “We hope to have a good lunch crowd based on the quality of our food.”
Adjoining the snack bar is a small bar with a series of flat screen televisions on the wall tuned in to sporting events. The bar will carry a selection of beer and wine. Televised sporting events, Baynard added, can also be projected onto the large white wall above the bowling lanes so customers can keep up with the game while getting in a few games.
Off to the side of the large space, an arcade with a wide variety of games is available.
“We are beyond excited to finally open the doors and get customers in here,” Baynard said.

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    What us the correct phone number. You have 843-7820-5454 in your article

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