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by | August 11, 2018 5:00 am

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Thank you
Dear Editor:
The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 12102 and Auxiliary of Colleton County would like to give a great big “thank you” to all who came out and supported our fundraiser on July 20.
All of our efforts go to support our veterans.

Renferd Crosby,
post commander
Helen Crosby,
auxiliary president

Protect our ducks
Dear Editor:
I have shared my concerns regarding our local park in the Ireland Hills area. The pretty place is the home of several kinds of ducks, geese and turtles.
I visit this area 2-3 times a week to enjoy its animals, tranquility and swinging on the swings.
I keep seeing things that greatly concern me. I have called regarding spotting injured ducks due to people fishing in this small pond. These poor ducks are getting fishing lines wrapped around their wings or legs. I have seen fish hooks in wings. They suffer, get infections, etc.
This is a man-made pond not intended for fishing. This is for our ducks, turtles, geese and children to enjoy while playing in the park.
I call every time I see an injured duck and Keepers of the Wild Rescue workers come and remove the injured and rehabilitate them, only to have them return to the same risk of injury. This is how I met Mrs. Janet and our Colleton County rescue warden. But with all of our efforts, there is no solution to date.
I have volunteered at Keepers of the Wild, where I have gained more knowledge of our wildlife and greater respect in handling other animals.
So far this summer, I have also seen two children with fish hooks in their little feet and 2-3 cuts from fishing knives. This park is not a place to run barefoot.
What concerns me the most is the taunting and chasing of these gentle creatures, often with the intent to harm or capture the ducks. I have watched a few ducks sitting on their eggs in some of the small bushes. I return every day, hoping to see the hatchlings. Instead, much to my dismay, I see smashed eggs.
I am confident that this is deliberate. I have seen children throwing rocks at the ducks and turtles. I usually engage these children in conversations about how gentle these ducks can be. Some parents clearly show disregard for these bad behaviors. Some others are delighted with my sharing with their children and asking them to help me feed the ducks.
I have no jurisdiction here, but I hope I am offering these children a good understanding of our animals as well as promoting respect and trust.
Perhaps we could collectively show solidarity of purpose in creating some activities at this park: maybe joining hands, singing songs or showing concert for our “little quacky” friends.
I would so welcome any/all suggestions on this matter and offer my services to help find positive solutions to this problem, as well as keeping our park garbage free.
Maybe some of our teenagers would like to help? Group activities/efforts can be so much fun. Perhaps someone can refer me to appropriate contacts to move this along?
This is a wonderful community with so many interesting residents. I am sure other share my concerns and am so looking forward to responses. Please call me at 1-631-335-1607.

Kathleen Santamarina

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