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by | April 16, 2018 3:49 pm

From the S.C. Policy Council, an independent, private, non-partisan research organization to promote the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty and responsibility in the state of South Carolina.

This week the Senate budget will go to the House for a vote on the Senate amendments. As a rule the budget differences are ironed out in conference committee, and that committee will probably be appointed this week.

A couple of noteworthy bills are on the Senate calendar. H.3529, which would prohibit local governments from banning plastic bags (SCPC analysis), passed the Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee last week and could be debated on the floor this week.

The Senate may also take up their amendment to S.954, which would mandate temporary rate reductions for SCE&G customers and delay a Public Service Commission ruling until the end of the year. Before going on spring break two weeks ago, the Senate amended that bill to only suspend a portion of the V.C. Summer rate hikes rather than all of them. The amendment was adopted, but the official second reading vote has not yet been taken.

The House floor calendar is (as of today) fairly light, but more bills will be added as committees pass their bills. One bill scheduled for a committee hearing in the House is S.805, which creates a new state agency with unaccountable powers and serious privacy and due process concerns (read our analysis of this bill here).

As bills and issues covered in our annual publication Best & Worst of the General Assembly 2017 appear on the legislative calendars, we color-code them according to their status in Best & Worst and link to the appropriate page. To view this week’s full calendar online, click here.


Who’s feeding your lawmakers this week?

  • South Carolina Speech Language and Hearing Association
  • South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association
  • South Carolina Association of Convenience stores

On the House and Senate Floor:

  • H.3886 – Further regulations on homeowners’ associations
  • H.4496 – Requiring municipalities to prove that they are not sanctuary cities
  • H.3722 – Bond bill (SCPC analysis)
  • S.27 – State superintendent of education appointed by governor (SCPC analysis)
  • H.3751 – Creates board of genetic counselor examiners and licensing requirements
  • H.4480 – More stringent texting and driving laws
  • H.4162 – Inclusionary zoning can be used to increase access to “affordable housing”
  • S.954 – Delaying PSC decision and lowering rates temporarily (SCPC analysis)
  • H.3529 – Prohibiting local governments from banning plastic bags (SCPC analysis)
  • H.3867 – Property tax exemptions for nonprofit housing corporations
  • S.189 – Overhauling SC’s LLC regulatory laws
  • S.777 – Permitting liquor to be sold at soccer games
  • S.137 – Constitutional amendment making superintendent gubernatorial appointment (SCPC analysis)
  • S.160 – Reestablishes sentencing reform oversight committee
  • S. 212 – Compassionate Care: medical use of cannabis (SCPC analysis)
  • S.324 – Retired officials can carry concealed anywhere (similar to H.3025 – SCPC analysis)
  • S.148 – Additional fee for magistrate court civil filings
  • H.3885 – Additional regulations for health care practitioners
  • S.934 – Procurement exemption for Medical University of South Carolina
  • S.431 – Unlawful to threaten schools
  • H.4434 – Require Board of Education to provide dyslexia screening
  • S.833 – Local govts can require property owners to keep property clean
  • S.547 – Calling a constitutional convention to rewrite the US Constitution (SCPC analysis)
Tuesday – 4/17/18House committee meetingsIncome Tax subcommittee

  • H.5162 – Internal Revenue Code conformity

Judiciary Committee

K-12 Education subcommittee

  • S.888 – School faculty members may receive pay for unused sick days (SCPC analysis)
  • S.857 – Restructures Will Lou Gray Opportunity school board

Senate committee meetingsMedical Affairs subcommittee

  • H.4529 – Regulates “telemedicine”
  • H.3622 – Expanding scope of practice for podiatrists (SCPC analysis)

Judiciary Committee

  • H.3139 – Permitting baseball complexes to get permit to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption
  • S.516 – Further regulations on firearm purchases

K-12 Education subcommittee

  • Tax credits for donations to Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children’s Fund.

Wednesday – 4/18/18House committee meetings

Transportation subcommittee

  • S.932 – Political subdivision must pay for water and sewer line relocation when undertaking transportation improvement project

Senate committee meetings

K-12 Education subcommittee

  • H.3820 – Requiring students to take classes in prescription drug and opioid abuse
  • H.4810 – School Metal Detector Study Committee
  • S.1136 – School administrators can petition court to determine if student needs mental health services

Agriculture subcommittee

  • H.4875 – Establishes voluntary solar best-management practices for commercial solar energy sites
  • H.5063 – Agriculture department doesn’t have regulatory control over home-based food production

Thursday – 4/19/18
House committee meetings
3-M Committee

Senate committee meetings

Medical Affairs Committee

  • H.4529 – Regulates “telemedicine”
  • H.3622 – Expanding scope of practice for podiatrists (SCPC analysis)

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