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by | April 26, 2018 5:00 pm

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A Colleton County High School student was charged with simple assault on April 16 after a fight at the school.
A school resource officer responded to the band hall to meet with school administration about the incident. He found an administrator had escorted the victim to the school nurse’s office as a result of injuries to both sides of her face, nose and lip. The school nurse gave the victim an ice pack and called her mother to tell her what had happened.
The incident started, the victim said in the report, when she broke up with her boyfriend seven months ago after she found out he was cheating on her. She started dating someone else during spring break, but the ex-boyfriend found out and came to the beach and punched the new boyfriend in the face.
The victim said since then, the suspect, Kayla Michelle Muckenfuss, 18, of Cottageville had been posting on SnapChat that she was going to beat up the victim.
Muckenfuss was suspended for five days and the incident referred to the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.

CCMS/Shooting threat
A Colleton County Middle School student has been suspended for 10 days and recommended for an expulsion hearing after allegedly making verbal threats to shoot fellow students and shoot up the school on April 16.
According to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office report, a deputy met with the assistant principal who said students in the class heard the threat, became afraid and reported the incident to the teacher. The deputy spoke with the teacher, who said the juvenile said he was going to shoot another student in the face.
When confronted, the student said other students were calling him fat face and if they continued, he was going to shoot them.
The student was brought to the office to meet with school officials and the deputy, who told him the seriousness of the issue; however the juvenile refused to cooperate with law enforcement and the parent was notified.
Charges are pending and will be filed with the S.C. Dept. of Juvenile Justice.

Alternative School/Incorrigible Juvenile
On April 16 a deputy responded to the Alternative School at Colleton County Middle School in reference to an incorrigible juvenile.
A school administrator said they had a meeting with a parent and a student who had gotten out of hand. The parent said they had been trying to deal with the juvenile’s disrespectful behavior and scheduled the meeting to ask for assistance.
While the group was listening to a discussion of the problems, the suspect jumped up and attempted to leave the room. The victim grabbed the suspect who turned around and hit the victim twice. The victim placed the suspect on the table and refused to release them. Eventually, the victim’s girlfriend grabbed him and exited the room.
School administration contacted the sheriff’s office and the school district office. The district office requested the victim be placed on trespass notice.

CCMS/Disturbing school
As the school day was ending April 16, a school resource officer at Colleton County Middle School was alerted that two students were fighting.
The SRO found two students on the floor, striking each other and yelling what appeared to be “gang slang,” according to the report. The SRO was able to separate the students and call for assistance, but sustained minor bruising and swelling to the left forearm during the incident.
The behavior of the two students “led to a big altercation,” the report said. They will be charged with disturbing the schools and juvenile petitions will be filed with the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.

The Press is awaiting a reponse to an FOI request for information on two other incidents: an assault at Colleton County High School and suspicious activity at Black Street Elementary, both on April 19.

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