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by | April 3, 2018 10:57 am

From the S.C. Policy Council:

We are one week away from the crossover deadline (April 10), after which bills that have not crossed over into the other chamber will have little chance of passing this session. The Senate is on vacation this week, and there are no legislative committee meetings in either chamber. Below is a list of the significant bills on the House calendar this week.

Most significantly, two competing bills are on the calendar that would change the solar energy program (SCPC analysis). Another significant piece of legislation is H.4182, which would allow universities to circumvent the oversight of the Commission on Higher Education for capital improvement projects by creating unaccountable mini-governments within the universities. This bill was filed last year, has been amended in committee, and is now awaiting debate on the floor.

As bills and issues covered in our annual publication Best & Worst of the General Assembly 2017 appear on the legislative calendars, we color-code them according to their status in Best & Worst and link to the appropriate page. To view this week’s full calendar online, click here.


On the House Floor:

  • H.5150 – Lengthening the sunset date on the 3-license limit for retail liquor dealers (SCPC analysis)
  • H.4412 – Further regulations on tanning establishments
  • H.4496 – Requiring municipalities to prove that they are not sanctuary cities
  • H.5063 – Agriculture department doesn’t have regulatory control over home-based food production
  • H.4973 – Retired legislators and public officials can have special license plates
  • H.4093 – Creating the “Employment First Oversight Commission”
  • H.4304 – PSC can incentivize utilities to invest in offshore wind development resources
  • H.4009 – Creating the “Motorsports Tourism Incentive Fund” and a plethora of industry favors
  • H.4715 – A new fee for watercraft dealer demonstration numbers
  • H.4182 – Creating unaccountable mini-governments within universities (SCPC analysis)
  • H.4021 – New sales tax exemptions
  • H.4729  – Senate amendment on retail liquor license bill (SCPC analysis)
  • H.3722 – Bond bill (SCPC analysis)
  • H.4380 – Mandating a refund for V.C. Summer
  • H.4376 – Replacing the Santee Cooper board
  • H.4618 – Lowering the requirements for car dealer license plates (SCPC analysis)
  • H.3622 – Expanding scope of practice for podiatrists (SCPC analysis)
  • H.4811 – Magistrates need law degree
  • H.5045 – Regulating the solar energy (net metering) program (SCPC analysis)
  • H.3448 – Protection for employees bringing grievances against public bodies
  • H.4421 – Expanding the solar energy (net metering) program (SCPC analysis)
  • H.3896 – Local body may pass ordinance requiring individual to keep property clean
  • S.27 – State superintendent of education appointed by governor (SCPC analysis)

(The South Carolina Policy Council was founded in 1986 as an independent, private, non-partisan research organization to promote the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty and responsibility in the state of South Carolina. They can be reached at 803-779-5022  or  info@scpolicycouncil.org.)

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