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Walterboro OB/GYN Colleton Medical Center hosted a reception at the Colleton Museum and Farmers Market Wednesday Jan. 31, introducing the new patient-centered model for prenatal care called CenteringPregnancy. Walterboro OB/GYN plans to launch CenteringPregnancy in June 2018, when they join 24 active sites from across South Carolina and become the first to offer the voluntary model in the Lowcountry.

What is CenteringPregnancy?
CenteringPregnancy is a group model of prenatal care that includes the patient’s regular prenatal care, along with additional time for learning and sharing in a group setting. Groups, which are formed based on due dates, typically begin after the first prenatal visit and continue throughout the pregnancy.
CenteringPregnancy allows expectant mothers to interact, learn and experience pregnancy along with other women who are due near the same time.
The growing nationwide model allows patients to have more time with their provider and participate more in their healthcare. CenteringPregnancy gives mothers-to-be the opportunity to be better prepared for birth and better prepared to care for their baby.

How does it work?
Expectant mothers take responsibility for their own health by weighing themselves, taking their own blood pressure and charting their progress. Along with having private time with their care provider, patients participate in group discussions and activities. The relaxed setting allows mothers-to-be to get to know each other, while forming bonds of friendship that can last a lifetime.

What are the benefits of CenteringPregnancy?
This evidence-based model has been proven to reduce the risk of preterm birth among participants. Centering mothers have higher breastfeeding rates which is healthier for mom and baby. Women gain confidence and can make healthy decisions for themselves and their family. The national model has a 96-percent patient satisfaction rate for better care and boasts a $125 million-dollar savings, lowering the cost of prenatal care.
In South Carolina, there has been a 34-percent reduction in risk of preterm birth for program participants compared to women enrolled in traditional care. The impact of risk reduction is even greater for African American women with an astounding 60% reduction in preterm birth risk.

In partnership with the March of Dimes
“The March of Dimes has been helping fund CenteringPregnancy programs across South Carolina for several years,” said Laura Tregner, development manager with March of Dimes. “CenteringPregnancy prenatal care provides a sense of ownership to pregnant patients and creates opportunities for better education about pregnancy and parenting.
“South Carolina currently has a premature birth rate of 11.2 percent which affects more than 6,000 babies each year,” she added. “Premature babies often struggle to survive, and many have lifelong health and developmental consequences. In half of all cases, there is no known cause for premature birth.”
March of Dimes grant funds are used to cover expenses associated with CenteringPregnancy site startup.

Want to learn more?
Centering empowers patients, strengthens patient-provider relationships, and builds communities through three main components: health assessment, interactive learning and community building. To learn more about CenteringPregnancy visit https://www.centeringhealthcare.org or contact Walterboro OB/GYN Colleton Medical Center.

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