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by | July 15, 2017 5:00 pm

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My husband and I share the same zodiac sign — and that’s where our similarities end. We’re two very different people, except for the Sagittarius thing.

He likes being around people and making new friends. I enjoy time with friends and co-workers, but afterwards I need to decompress with chocolate or bad TV. He doesn’t need to decompress. He just needs oxygen and a nap every now and then.

He reads Mother Earth News. I read Town & Country.

I check all my social media accounts, including LinkedIn, every day. I don’t think he’s been on Facebook this year.

He’s always up for an impromptu fish fry or other celebration with friends. Any events I attend must be on my calendar a week in advance, or I get hives.

I like going to dinner and sipping a glass of white wine. He drinks Ultra or unsweetened tea. (Off-topic note: When you cut back to one glass of wine per week, it’s amazing what that one glass does to you. I’m a very cheap date these days.)

He loves to cook, and is very good at it. I rarely cook, and I’m very bad at it.

He watches “Tiny House Living” and all the RV shows. I watch NYPD Blue and “Snapped” re-runs.

Some days I wonder how such disparate people ever dated, let alone got married. Then I remember that 1) opposites attract and 2) I overanalyze everything.

The thing is, Widdle is strong in the places I’m weak, and vice-versa. Also, I will call him out in a hot minute.

Just last week we had a heated discussion about whether gentlemen are still expected to rise when a lady enters the room. (And by “gentlemen” I mean all males over the age of six, unless you were raised by wolves or are too ill to stand unaided.)

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate leaping-to-your-feet-and-bowing-from-the-waist scenario. The man simply half-rises and nods courteously, which is the signal for the lady to say, “Please, don’t get up,” and everyone smiles, satisfied they made the world a better place, if only for a moment.

Widdle replied, “That’s outdated. It’s unrealistic to expect that today,” to which I replied, “HAVE YOU GONE  INSANE?!? GOOD MANNERS ARE NEVER OUTDATED!!!”

So, he and I seem to have little in common. But somehow, we balance each other out. For example, panhandlers: I’ll fork out $5 only if I’m convinced, beyond all doubt, that it’s direly needed for food or gas. He smiles, hands over a 10-spot and never thinks about it again.

I bring home Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and local honey. He understands that sometimes chocolate cake is good for the soul.

I know where the pins, thread, needles and spare buttons are. He actually knows how to use them.

Each month I clean out the refrigerator, check expiration dates and dispose of any leftovers. He’s still not sure which way the door opens.

He follows no sports whatsoever. I schooled him on Steph Curry.

I have a gift for making something that’s not a big deal into a huge freaking deal in about three seconds. (See standing for a lady, above). I have never heard him raise his voice. Ever.

In the end, we both know that no matter what happens, no matter how we disappoint or anger or confound one another, this is it. We’re all in. He’s not going anywhere except crazy, and I’ll be right beside him. Probably nagging him to stand up.

(Julie R. Smith, who also believes gentlemen carry a handkerchief, can be reached at widdleswife@aol.com.)

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  1. Comment by Baofang Napoleon

    July 18, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Instead of listing every…..single…..little…difference that you and your husband have, you should have kept it to a minimum. You know, just enough to get your point across. Your article had potential, but you injected way too much fill with your differences and similarities, and not enough evidence as to why, psychologically speaking, opposites attract. Thus making this article nothing more than filler material. Also, try finding another picture to post that supports your message. As if the article alone didn’t scream “Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!”, you futher cemented your need for attention by placing your pic front and center. Attention hog much?? You literally used “I” dozens of times. I’m sure you can do better if you would just take yourself out of the spotlight for a moment and write a real article.

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