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by | January 11, 2017 5:00 pm

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Why did the naked guy cross the street?
It sounds like the start of a joke but when police caught up to the unclad jogger, there wasn’t a punch line. They were not amused.
Wednesday Jan. 4, a few minutes before 1:30 p.m., a dispatcher at the 911 center answered the phone — the caller wanted to report a nude man running across the street in the 400 block of North Jefferies Boulevard.
By the time police arrived in the area, the suspect had made his way back to the Friendly Inn at 416 N. Jefferies Boulevard.
They found him outside his room, in the process of getting dressed. His shirt was on, but his pants were still around his ankles.
An officer told him to pull up his pants, and he complied.
The man, reportedly sweating with fully dilated pupils, allegedly told the officer he had been using hypodermic needles to shoot methamphetamine.
While at the motel, officers learned that the man had mistakenly entered another person’s room.
The newly-dressed man and his room were searched, and the officer reportedly found needles and straws used to administer the drug.
Officers took him to the detection center, where jailers took one look at him and told police the man needed to go to Colleton Medical Center’s Emergency Department to be cleared by the medical staff before he would be given another change of clothes, an orange jumpsuit.
After that visit, the suspect, Taylor S. Shannon, 25, was returned to the detention center and booked on charges of possession of narcotic equipment, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

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