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by | November 20, 2016 5:00 pm

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Veterans appreciate your support
Dear Editor:
The Colleton County Veterans Affairs Office wishes to thank everyone who supported us in our efforts to host our first Veterans Benefits Workshop.  This event was held Thursday Nov. 10 at the National Guard Armory in Walterboro.
The primary goal of the workshop was to educate our veterans and their families about various VA benefits and provide a variety of outreach services.  I am pleased to say that 106 veterans and spouses were in attendance from Colleton and neighboring counties.
We would like to thank everyone, including The Press and Standard, who supported our efforts to help us better serve our veterans and their families.  Thank you to the staff of the Columbia VA Regional Office,  SCWorks/WIOA, Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, S.C. Department of Revenue, the S.C. Legal Service, Charleston Vet Center and Charleston S.C. National Guard  Service Member and Family Care.
I am humbled by the amount of support that we received from the veterans community, local businesses and several local veterans service organizations.
I want to extend a special thank you to SFC Martin of the 1223 Eng. Company and SSG Waning of the R&R Command for providing us with a venue. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Frazier, Ms. Juanita Tucker, the Colleton County Women’s Veterans Chapter, Herndon’s Funeral Home, the Veterans Victory House Nursing Home, DAV Strickland Chapter #55, American Legion Post 93, VFW Post 1202, Colleton County Health Department, Clemson Extension Service, Signs Plus, Colleton County School District, Ms. Muckenfuss of the Berkeley County Veterans Affairs Office, Mr. Ballenger, CVAO of the Jasper County Veterans Affairs Office, and Cherry Douglas of Lowcountry Office Supply.
I would be remiss if I did not recognize my assistant, Jamey Litchfield, who worked tirelessly to assist our veterans and ensure the workshop’s success.
The Colleton County Veterans Council would like to extend our appreciation to all of you who participated and showed your support on Sunday at the Veterans Day Parade.
We will continue to strive to include a variety of entries in recognition of our veterans.  The WWII veterans and the little ones were enthusiastic, despite the chilly temperatures.
I urge those of you who did not attend to think about the countless sacrifices that our men and women have made and are continuing to make to protect our way of life.  Many of them have served in combat, placed their lives on the line, for us and were fortunate to return home — but with scars that are not always visible to the eye.
We were just reminded of the high cost of war last Saturday when two U.S. service members and two American contractors were killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.  Sixteen American troops and one Polish soldier were also wounded in the blast.
On Sunday (the very next day), some would say that Hampton and Washington Streets should have been lined with people, eagerly waiting to pay tribute to all of our men and women, especially our WWII veterans.  The Veterans Council is calling on the community, churches, businesses, schools, organizations, state and local officials to help us honor and recognize all who served.
As a grateful nation, it is imperative that we preserve and cherish our veterans — those who served during times of strife and times of peace.  Let’s not ever lose sight of that.

Janet Smith
Colleton County
Veterans Affairs Officer
Guess who is coming to the White House?
Dear Editor:
Whites without a college degree, (uneducated whites), whites with a college degree, blacks, Latinos, Spanish, Muslims, Jews, Arabs, Anglicans, atheists, women, men, millenials, baby boomers, union workers, non-union workers, gays, transgenders, the rich, the poor, middle class, Christians, liberals, Republicans, Progressives, Libertarians, Independents, Patriot Party and others I have forgotten are the many ways Hillary and the liberals define Americans. Yet, they act surprised when they say America is divided. Yes, it is divided because Obama and the Democrats have spent the last eight years dissecting our country to gain their political advantage. Well, it failed.
A movement began to grow in the heartland of America as average Americans realized their country was about to be taken away from them. The Patriot Party formed, the Silent Majority awakened from its slumber and Donald Trump said, “Political correctness is killing our free speech and the status quo is crooked.” And that, friends, was just the beginning of an unbelievable adventure.
Patriots such as Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, the founding fathers, George Washington and his gallant Army, the brave men who fought in WWI and the Greatest Generation who saved the world a second time can take pride in America today. The little people have once again pulled a David versus Goliath and defeated the forces who would destroy our constitution and our freedoms.
America will be great again! Welcome to a future that will not include two Clintons in the White House. Say hello to a Supreme Court that will uphold the founders’ intent regarding the law.
What will Trump do? How will he lead as president of the United States? What kind of president will he be? Will he keep his promises regarding the wall? Creating jobs? Destroying Isis? Putting a control on immigration?
I don’t know all those answers, but I will bet on Trump to give it an honest effort. People have not paid attention to his tone when he talks about America. This is a man, I believe, who has been transformed by the experience he has had over the past 16 months. The people who forgave Bill Clinton and forgave Hillary will now forgive Trump, if they are half as liberal as they claim to be.
I also believe we won’t hear him talking down to middle America and referring to us as a basket of deplorables. Or saying we are unredeemable. Or telling us how to run our schools. Or getting involved in our religion. We will see an attempt to shrink the size of government. The old guard Republicans who refused to support Trump will now have to park their high horses and join the movement.
I believe he will attempt to drain the swamp and eliminate the corruption that has plagued our government for the past four years. We witnessed Obama and his hope and change agenda go up in flames as they jammed ObamaCare down the throats of business and Americans who believed the lies when Obama said they could keep their doctors and keep their plans.
We have watched Hillary single-handedly destroy the credibility of the FBI, the Justice Department and even the president as they tried to cover up her illegal activities. Those of us who have put up with the lies and mistakes of this administration for eight years say goodbye and good riddance to the socialist party formerly called Democrats.
Now, let’s bow our heads and pray to God to help each of us recognize that, regardless of our ***, color, race and all the other divisive adjectives applied to Americans in our country, we are first and always Americans. We want our country to pull together, not against each other. We are not competitors seeking government assistance. We are individuals with pride, dignity, self-reliance and a deep affection for the country that belongs to all of our fellow citizens.
We can return to the land of freedom. We can be neighbors, ready to share and help. We can be friends, willing to join together for our mutual benefit. We can look each other in the eye and say: “Hi, I am glad to see you — and mean it.”

Noel Ison

A cheerful poem for the holidays
Dear Editor:
Sung to the melody “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music:”
Now is the season of hustle and bustle,
Many store windows show new toys with muscle,
But during all of this glamour and glitz
There is a tune that is giving me fits!
It’s that Rudolph, that same Rudolph,
The one whose proboscis glows.
Santa can do without that rosy nose,
Cause every kid’s house he knows.

John Lolli
Boca Raton, Fla.

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