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by | July 10, 2016 5:00 pm

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Wake up, Walterboro, and take control
Dear Editor:
In the past 12 months, we have seen the Trump candidacy climb from one of ridicule to becoming the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States.  In the process, he knocked out 16 opponents who were establishment senators, governors, a doctor and even a preacher.
He ran a most unusual campaign.  First, he refused outside money. Second, he spoke out against political correctness.  Third, he took his campaign directly to the people and they turned out in mass to support him.  He made some remarks that were controversial, to say the least, but his supporters didn’t care because 90% of the time he was speaking their language.
He has criticized his opposition without mercy and destroyed them in the process.  He has driven home his message on immigration and creating jobs.  He talks of making America great again.  These are issues that affect Americans every day of their lives, and they felt he was talking to them instead of the political establishment and special interest groups.
He has made political history by obtaining more primary votes than any other in primary election history.  He is proving that the “good ole boys” that run America can be beaten at their own game.  Now his challenge is to take that momentum into the November election.
On another front, Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union.  British  voters, like their counterparts in America, became fed up with a government that had been deaf to their voices for much too long.  They feared Britain was losing its sovereignty to rules being forced on them by the EU.  Chief among these was the law forcing Britain to take unwanted refugees from Muslin countries.  They were concerned about the growing threat of terrorism created by so many undocumented and unknown people entering their country.
Here at home, we have witnessed our local government turning a deaf ear to the citizens who pay the taxes and pay their salaries.  Who in the world would place streetlights in the middle of the sidewalk?  Why weren’t the trees planted on the side of the road where they would not interfere with traffic?  Why install the lights anyway?  When the lights come on, downtown is closed and the sidewalks are rolled up.  Paving the road in front of the Great Swamp would have been more logical and cheaper.  Lights here could have been beneficial.
A voter revolt is spreading across the country and politicians who think they own their cities and states are being voted out of office.  Turning a deaf ear to the voice of the voters is proving to be a sure way to be removed from office.  Replacing incumbents who have become puppets of special interest groups is growing and will continue to grow.
Here in Walterboro, it is time to shake up the “good ole boys” and replace them with new leaders who will listen to the will of their voters.  The City of Walterboro’s population since 1990 is down by 4%. Why then the recent acquisition of more office space? For comparison, Colleton County’s population has increased approximately 8% over the same period of time.  Recently City Council decided to reduce the frequency of their meetings. The result will be a reduction in the time citizens have to give their opinions. In summary, Walterboro is going backwards.
The time has come for Walterboro to wake up and take control of its future. Take a ride in Walterboro and look at it.  It is a city that offers no entertainment for the families who live here. Look at the empty buildings. If you are a graduating senior, what do you see to convince you to make your home in Walterboro? While the leaders are busy increasing their office space and taking care of their own, wishes of the citizens land on deaf ears.  I hope local voters will remember how they were ignored and replace those who do not have their best interests at heart when election time comes.
Change is coming.

Noel Ison

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  1. Comment by Robin Mixson

    July 10, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    One hundred percent true. The old cronies in DC and in Walterboro need to be replaced by new blood. Ones to talk the present language and desire present activities. Too bad we lost the theater. Maybe someone could reopen the drive-in theater. That would definitely be interesting. Kinda hot for that, though. The theater would be a move in the right direction. Would present some jobs and offer entertainment for all ages. Is there a BINGO parlor anywhere? Shopping other than Walmart after 5 or 6? Restaurants are making a big voice. People always want to eat. If any changes are to be made include the adults too and not just the children. Maybe one of the pizza places could add a child’s interest section. Summertime water slides would be nice too. Parents have to drive a long way to take their children to a water park. Midget golf would be for adults as well as children. Got the picture? Call in a magician and make something work ’cause I know the cronies will stop everything offered. Amen.

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