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by | April 30, 2016 5:00 am

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Marissa Danielle O’Quinn is a senior at Colleton County High School, where she plays soccer for the Lady Cougars. Her parents are Missy and Dan O’Quinn of Walterboro. Her grandparents are Mary O’Quinn and Dan O’Quinn Sr. and the late Harriett and Pete Hiott. She is a recipient of three Golden Paws, two Academic Letters and is a member of the Student Council and National Honor Society. Marissa dabbles in martial arts and is a member of the CCHS Chorus.
GPA and class rank: My GPA is 3.75 and I am ranked No. 53 in my class of 310 students.
Volunteer work: I volunteer with the ACE Conservation Crew, which helps keep the ACE Basin clean. We also went to Chicago, Illinois, where we learned about the environmental differences between the inland and coast.
College decision: I am deciding between Winthrop University, College of Charleston or University of South Carolina Beaufort.
Collegiate sports: Unfortunately, I am not. I would absolutely love to play, however, so I may attempt to walk-on.
Career plans: I will likely major in forensic science and minor in criminal justice. I hope to become a forensic scientist in the future.
On soccer: I have been playing soccer since I was four years old. Over the years, I have learned to collaborate with other people in order to achieve a goal, which has allowed me to grow as a player and a teammate.
Favorite book: My favorite book is “The Hound of the Baskervilles” by Conan Doyle.
Time travel: I would like to travel to the 1980s because it seems like an interesting decade and I would get to meet my mom as a teenager.
Role model: My mom is my role model because she is the strongest person I know. Whenever I need help with school or problems, she is there to steer me in the right direction. I would not be who I am today without her love and guidance.
Meaningful quote: “I have not failed. I have just found ten thousand ways that will not work.” – Thomas Edison. When I fail at something, this reminds me to not give up and keep trying to succeed.
Powerful high school lesson: People will not wait for you to do things, so if something needs doing, you should go ahead and do it yourself. Opportunities are slim and they will eventually pass you by.
Standout teacher: I have liked most of my teachers over the years, but Mrs. Catherine Fanchette stands out. She not only taught me eighth-grade math, but also taught me to not give up on myself. I hit a rough patch with my grades and was nervous about high school, but she helped me realize it was not something to fear, but instead enjoy.
Meet & greet: I would like to meet President Obama, because it would be fascinating to learn about his leadership of our country and advancements in technology.
Election 2016: I am hoping an underdog will rise above; although, I am intrigued on what it would be like to have a woman as president. I just hope whoever wins will lead our country in the right direction.

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