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by | April 20, 2016 4:12 pm

An unusual Wednesday afternoon incident turned South State Bank on North Jefferies Highway into a cop car parking lot.

It all began Wednesday around 2:30 p.m. when a member of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling on Robertson Boulevard near Duke’s Barbeque.

The deputy saw a man wearing sweat pants, a sweatshirt and a ski mask pedaling his bike down Robertson Boulevard towards Jefferies Boulevard.

The deputy decided it would be a good idea to stop and talk to the man about his attire and intentions.

The bicyclist apparently disagreed — even though the cruiser’s blue lights were flashing, the man kept pedaling.

When the deputy added the siren to the effort to have a conversation, he kept pedaling. The deputy got on the radio, alerting other law enforcement officers to the fleeing bicyclist.

At the intersection of Robertson Boulevard and Jefferies Boulevard, the cyclist turned left. The officer followed, watching as the bicyclist weaved among the vehicles on the roadway.

When the bicyclist arrived at South State Bank, he jumped off the bicycle and ran into the bank.

By then a large number of sheriff’s deputies and Walterboro Police Officers were making their way to the bank. They saw a masked man running into a financial institution as troubling.

Officers entered the bank and found the man, still masked, sitting in the lobby. The bank’s employees had been startled by the masked man’s sudden appearance and seemed apprehensive when a large contingent of officers came in after him.

He sat patiently until officers told him he would have to come with them, then he allegedly began to cause a scene.

He was taken into custody on a charge of disturbing the peace, loaded into a police vehicle and a convoy of police vehicles made the short trip from the bank to the Colleton County Detention Center.

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