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by | June 28, 2019 5:00 pm

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There are still good Samaritans
Dear Editor:
I am writing in hopes you will publish this letter to thank an anonymous off-duty police officer who came to our aid. On Saturday June 15, a friend and I were on I-95 North around 11 a.m. when my white 2017 Toyota Yaris had a flat tire. We had driven about two hours from Georgia where we had been on vacation, headed back home to Ohio. I had the 18-month old tires inspected, rotated and tire pressure checked before we left on our trip, so getting a flat tire was totally unexpected.
We called 911 first, hoping police would come assist us, but were told to call AAA instead. They were able to determine we were near a Walterboro exit, and were told it would be at least an hour or more before somebody would reach us. Although we were pulled off the road with flashers on, it was terrifying. Traffic was non-stop on I-95, some people didn’t move to the left lane as they passed us, and I was fearful that somebody would hit us while we were stopped.
After about a half hour, thank God an off-duty police officer who was with his wife and family stopped to assist us and changed our tire. He would not give us his name, but instructed us to get off at the next exit where there was a Walmart store to purchase a new tire. We offered to pay him, but he adamantly refused saying he didn’t want any money but instead asked us to “pay it forward.” He suggested we make a donation to our favorite charity, or to “buy a book for a child or a library.” After tears and hugs, he then followed us to make sure we got off the road safely and to the next exit.
We found the Walmart store in Walterboro immediately but, unfortunately, they didn’t have a tire the size I needed. Julie in the Walmart Tire Service Dept. advised there was a Mavis Discount Tire store on Robertson Road, about a mile away, and called them to make sure they had the size tire I needed. Fortunately, on a busy Saturday and without an appointment, Mavis Tire was able to put a new tire on for us.
This experience and act of kindness from a total stranger had a profound effect on my friend and I. In today’s world where there is so much hate and distrust of people of different color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliations and especially distrust of police officers … this experience has given us renewed faith in people and our country. There are still good-hearted people in this world who are willing to help others. It’s one thing to help people in your local community, school or church, like many of us do; but is rare that people will stop and assist total strangers.
May God bless the anonymous off-duty police officer who stopped to assist us. We want him to know that we are “paying it forward” as he suggested. Since this act of kindness occurred in Walterboro, I went on-line and found the address for the Colleton County Memorial Library, and we are making a donation.
We should all remember to “Love Thy Neighbor” and “Pay it Forward.”

Karen Ely and Sherry Cullen
Elyria, OH

Keeping those bucks in the ‘boro
Dear Editor,
All of us have noticed the construction near the courthouse. Have you noticed the names on the contractors’ trucks? Prominent local names!
I am so proud to see IP Builders (Rec Center gym & Discovery Center), Wildwood Contractors (sidewalk downtown), Carroll Enterprises (underground boring downtown), Allen Butler Enterprises (Parker’s, intersection of Jefferies and Bells Hwy.) and Mitchell Construction (hospital).
All of these are companies formed by young men right here in our community. They were educated in Colleton County’s public as well as private schools. Several of these men are younger than 50 with thriving businesses!
It should make us proud to see these businesses competing for jobs requiring state licenses, meeting grant requirements, bidding (and winning) on projects. Their workers do not have to travel 50+ miles one way to a job site; just take a short drive to town.
I know several of these young men personally. In fact, some were my students in high school. That work ethic from school has blossomed into very prominent businesses. I am so encouraged by our young people when I witness former students as successful business owners or employees. These folks will proudly tell their children or grandchildren how they helped build these local buildings, sidewalks or even bored under the streets.
I encourage you to give a “shout out” to each of these businesses every chance you get!
This is a good example of “Keep your bucks in the Boro.”

Cheryl Murdaugh

Progressives should put up
or shut up
Dear Editor:
If the Progressives and Democrats are so sure that they have a winning case against President Trump — and they are so sure they will gain the necessary votes needed to defeat Trump with this action — then why don’t they start tomorrow and proceed to impeach the president?
Their memories must be blinded by their hatred of Trump. Impeaching Clinton cost the Republicans dearly. How can they forget the gains they made as a result of that action?
The Progressives and Liberals have spent two years and over $30 million to prove this charge against Trump. They have ranted and made accusations. They have used half-truths to make their argument.
Now the table is set so the carving of Trump can be taken to a new level. What are they waiting for?
It is time for them to put up or shut up and impeach Trump — or just do their job and go back to work and try to accomplish something for the people they serve.

Noel Ison

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  1. Comment by Kris

    June 29, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    What a great job the off duty officer did! He took the time to help someone in need, and made what could have been a bad situation into a positive experience for all involved. His act of selflessness has has not only made a great impression of our local police officers, but has made a positive reflection on our community. This is how Walterboro should be remembered, as a caring, hospitable small town. Kudos to you Sir!

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