Sheriff’s Office Investigative Report: Student statements

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Editor’s Note: Parts of this information was redacted (deleted) from the reports submitted to the press. Those areas are marked {…}.



INVESTIGATOR: Det. A. Stallings
CASE NUMBER: 19-1278
INC. DATE: 3/25/2019
INC. TYPE: Suspicious Death
INC. LOC: 633 Hiers Corner Rd
VICTIM: Wright, Raniya

911 Call Received: 13:00 hrs
CCFR In Route: 13:01 hrs
CCFR On Scene: 13:07 hrs
CCFR Pt Contact: 13:09 hrs
CCFR Enroute ER: 13:17 hrs
CCFR at ER: 13:19 hrs
Care Flight Enroute MUSC: 14:58 hrs
Care Flight at MUSC: 15:09 hrs
Care Flight Patient Transfer to MUSC: 15:20 hrs

R/O and Det. Marcurella responded to Colleton ER. Upon arrival, Wright was unresponsive and had coded when she arrived at the ER. A scan was conducted and a bleed was found on the brain.
Photographs were taken of Wright. R/O requested flight personnel to check for petechial in Wright’s eyes and mouth, no petechial noted. Wright was packaged and transported via Care Flight to MUSC. Once clearing the ER, myself and Det. Marcurella responded to Forest Hills Elementary. Detective Varnadoe, Detective Padgett and Sgt. Valentine were present. Statements had already been obtained from the Students and the Initial Staff that was on scene. Major Chapman arrived and went to the class room where the incident took place. R/O later responded to the classroom and took overall photographs of the room, (all students and {…} gone for the day). Major Chapman checked the immediate area where the fight took place, no items appeared to be out of place.
{…} – Substitute Teacher, statement 3/25/19. Contact has been made with Ms. {…}’s attorney, Margie Bright Mathews March 27th and 28th. R/O and Sheriff’s Office has requested a recreation of incident with {…} at the school. Awaiting a date and time to complete.

Statement received:
Admin. Asst Principal Angel Parker 3/25/19
Raniya was brought to Parker’s office after fight approximately 12:40 hrs. Raniya was upset and crying. Raniya was asked what happened, stated she and {…} fought. {…} hit her, they had been calling each other names and talking about each other’s mother. Raniya told Parker her head was hurting and she hit her head. Guarino returned and took Raniya to the nurse. Parker went to the nurse’s office, Raniya was on the floor. Parker stayed until Raniya left with CCFR. Parker went to her office with {…} contacted father and kept {…} until father arrived.

Statement received:
Asst. Principal Guarino:
12:36 pm
In hallway, students adv of fight in {…}’s class. Entered class and removed Raniya. Taken to the front.
12:40 pm
Raniya dropped off at {…}, returned to get {…} . Walked {…} to office and asked what happened. {…} was asked to write statement. {…} stated Raniya pushed her in the classroom which caused {…} to trip on the carpet. Students gave {…} a hard time about this during lunch saying she lost. After lunch, Raniya hit {…} in the back at least twice.
{…} got up and hit her. {…} provided a written statement.
{…} left in office and went to Raniya.
12:48 pm
Parker reported Raniya was dizzy. Walked Raniya to the nurse. While on the way to the nurse could not walk and went to knees and floor. Shider helped {…} carry Raniya to the nurse. She layed down, vomited, 911 called. Nurse attended until CCFR arrived.
12:56 pm
911 called, reported Raniya unresponsive. CCFR arrived and transported. {…} picked up by father.
1:20 pm
Parent {…} notified to keep her home until notified.

All initial statements received March 25, 2019, by school personnel. Secondary Statements March 26, 2019 obtained by Det. Marcurella, Padgett and school official Thomas.

Student 1:
First Statement: I saw push Raniya into {…} ’s shelf and {…} punched her and held her neck down with her head and I saw the silver picture fall on Raniya’s head and she closed her eyes for a sec.
Addt Information: Raniya punched {…} first cause she got tired of her picking on her.

Student 2:
First Statement: this is what happen first it was just a arguing of their moms then Raniya said my mom has more money than your mom then it was about the name calling then it got physical Raniya ? hitting {…} in the back then they were throwing paper ***** at each other than Raniya kept saying that she was going to hurt {…} then they started fighting
P.S. it started in one place and ended at another place.
Addt Information: {…} was calling Raniya a lesbian because she liked a girl.

Student 3:
7:30 am in the morning class started {…} and Raniya were arguing. Then we went to the P.E. room they were still arguing.
9:00 am we got in class they started hitting each other was {…} saying when she got in class she was going to beat Raniya up
11:55 am We got back in class they were throwing paper each other
About 12:15 pm they started hitting even more Raniya had hit {…} in the back and {…} got up and started punching Raniya and they ended up behind the teacher

Student 4:
First Statement: I saw they were throwing paper at each other. {…} took Raniya’s pencil, broke it in half, and put it in the trash can. Then I gave Raniya my other pencil. Then they were talking bad about each other’s moms. That is all I saw.
Addt Information: I saw {…} push Raniya to the shelf and hit her hard in the head and on the back.

Student 5:
First Statement: What started it was they was arguing then {…} took a pence (pencil?) and it was Raniya’s that was not the 1st thing it was what I seen I heard more about a push they was throwing paper one hit me a ?? then they was talking mean {…} was being good again then Raniya came and hit her {…} in the back and I heard it {…} go up and got Raniya in a head lock and started to hit her then she go Raniya head hit on a shelf and then {…} stopped it and {…} was still was {…} .
Addt. Statement: What happened was they were always arguing about stuff when there was a sub and they both got into a push fight and {…} got pushed down and she sad then {…} said you hit me and we will fight and then they would throw paper and started to talk about mom’s then they stop and then Raniya punched her in the back I heard it and they got in the fight and Raniya got it in the head lock getting punched.

Student 6:
First Statement: Raniya started talking about {…}’s mom saying things like my mom has more money than you. {…} got angry and started saying Raniya lives off of tax money. When P.E. time came they were arguing then {…} got up and kicked Raniya. After P.E. in the class room they started fighting and Raniya pushed {…} down. In class they didn’t talk to each other they just looked at each other a few times. When we got back in the class room {…} started telling {…} to talk about Raniya’s mom {…} did talk about Raniya’s mom. They were throwing paper ***** as you’ve heard I saw them hitting each other than Raniya walked pass {…} and hit her in the back. Then they got into that fight. I said nothing because it wasn’t my business.
Addt Information: When we were going to lunch they were about to fight. I don’t know what happened because I as at the front I know they were about to fight because my friend turned around and said, “Oh no they’re about to fight”. In P.E. {…} and Raniya started arguing and Raniya defended herself then they stood up and looked at each other in a mean way while the P.E. teachers watched them after {…} kicked Raniya in the chest because Raniya was laying down.

Student 7:
First Statement: I did not see anything.
Addt. Information: I saw {…} talk trash back and forth then when we were switching I saw {…} slap Raniya and Raniya pushed her down.

Student 8:
First Statement: I was working on my math and then I hear something and I look up and see {…} and Raniya fighting and then {…}’s head hits the metal shelf.
Addt Information: {…} hit her head on the metal shelf and Raniya hit her head on the wooden cabinets.

Student 9:
First Statement: I saw a little bit {…} had her hand on neck and started hitting Raniya in her head and back.
Addt. Information: {…} had Raniya pinned down and started hitting her in her head and back. They started arguing back and forth until {…} said stop that’s when they stood then we lined up. {…} as in the front of the line. {…} and Raniya was in the back of the line then {…} said quit. That’s when we went outside to play an activity. They was throwing paper ***** at each other.

Student 10:
First Statement: I saw that Raniya had walk past {…} and {…} had came behind Raniya push her into the closet and slung her into the ?? then the teacher had came {…} was calling Raniya gay and call her mom fat.
Addt. Information: {…} had walk over to Raniya and kick her then Raniya got up and hit {…} back. P.E.

Student 11:
First Statement: First I heard {…} and Raniya say that they were going to fight. When we got back from {…}’s Raniya was throwing crumbled up paper at {…} and one hit {…}’s eye. When we got back from lunch they started to talk bad about each other’s mamas and a few minutes after Raniya hit {…} with something and I think {…} got mad and got up and started punching Raniya (behind the teacher) and pushed Raniya’s head on the shelf then Raniya try to defend herself but couldn’t then the teacher stopped them.
Addt. Information: They started saying bad stuff about each other. They said that they were going to fight while we were in the bathroom.

Student 12:
First Statement: What I saw was or heard was first {…} talking about Raniya momma then Raniya said something back about her momma then the sub said I’m calling the office that’s when they stopped talking then it went quiet then I heard a bunch of noise I looked up and they was fighting and Raniya fighting and while Raniya was in a head lock {…} was pulling her hair and punching her at the same time.
Addt Information: {…} called Raniya momma a slut and hoe that’s when Raniya got up and hit her and went to the sub that’s when they was fighting behind the teacher. Before all that happened they been arguing all morning. They also fought in the morning for a couple of seconds. After that the class was like “how you let Raniya push u down” “how u let Raniya take the W and you take the L”

Student 13:
First Statement: I was looking every time Raniya was punching her earlier than she throwed paper when we came back to class I was watching the whole thang {…} had pull her hair, then they started fighting {…} was punching her in the back of her head and hit her in the back and hit her head to the dresser. They was fussing since they came to sit at their seat they was fighting in the classroom Raniya had swang on {…} and {…} swang back and she trip over the rug and they had stopped.
Addt Information: Raniya was getting up out of her seat why the sub wasn’t looking and {…} said hit me one more time and Raniya punch her than {…} said one more time and they started going all over the place hitting each other they was behind the teacher fighting she was saying fat ***.

{…} Student 14:
First Statement: Raniya came up behind {…} and hit her in the back and {…} had enough and went and started hitting her on her head in a choke hole. But this morning they kept talking back and forth talking about each other’s mamas. {…} kept on and on about while Raniya was trying to get away and stop all of the mess.
Addt Information: They wer talking about how much there tax money income was and a little gray box fell on Raniya’s head. And {…} slammed Raniya’s head up against the shelf and the closet. They were pushing each other about activity time.

Student 15:
First Statement: Raniya kept throwing paper ***** at {…} . Before we went to Ms. {…}, Raniya pushed {…} to the ground. Everytime Raniya walked by {…} , she like hit her or ?? her one time she got up only to hit or elbow {…}. At the fight, I only saw {…} punching and hitting Raniya in the back. When {…} saw them physically fighting right behind her {…} got ahold of {…} but {…} kept charging at Raniya. The next thing I know is {…} coming and taking the two. I did also see them insulting each other in P.E. {…} got up then students were telling {…} to kick Raniya, stomp on Raniya while on the ground.
Addt Information: In P.E. I saw and heard Raniya and {…} insulting each other in class. Then {…} got up and walked to Raniya who as laying on the ground. {…} was with a group of friend who was telling her to kick her or stomp on Raniya. When we got back I saw Raniya pushed {…} to the ground. I’m pretty sure I saw people encourage an actual fight. When we got back to class Raniya would throw paper ***** at {…}. I think she was trying to do it as hard as she could but I don’t know she got up to do it and it looked like it hurt. Also, when she got up and walked by {…}, Raniya seemed to hit {…}. I think {…} had enough so when Raniya got up to ask the teacher a question and Raniya hit {…} again, she must’ve jumped up and started a fight I saw{…} hitting Raniya on her head and back.

Student 16:
First Statement: It started this morning {…} and Raniya were mad at each ther when we were going to {…}’s class Raniya started to get mad and hit {…} but then we had to go to {…} then we had to go we went in this class and Raniya and {…} were throwing paper ***** at each other than Raniya needed to ask a question when Raniya walked by {…} she hit Raniya and started to hit her a lot then had to break it up.

Student 17:
First Statement: Today, when we was at the bathroom after lunch {…} started arguing with Raniya and she kept following Raniya and {…} was like “stop talking swing those hands”. Raniya said leave me alone. When we got in the class room they started throwing paper at each other and writing down mean stuff about each other mama. Then Raniya went by her and punch her in her back and she didn’t do nothing the second time she did it again {…} was crying the third time {…} got up and grab her neck and slam her to the wall by {…} chair and start punching her in her head and push her on the silver book shelf by desk and kept punching her and the teacher broke it up.

Student 18:
First Statement: Raniya was talking about {…} because {…} was talking about her mom. Raniya and {…} have been fighting all morning also they have been throwing paper.
Addt Information: {…} dared Raniya to hit {…} and then Raniya went to ask the teacher a question and {…} started to fight.

March 26, 2019 @ 1430 hrs.

Det. Padgett conducted interview with {…}. Father and Uncle present. Miranda was advised and waived.

March 27, 2019 Medical Records
Request have been sent to:
Colleton Medical Center (received 3/27/19)
Colleton County Fire Rescue (received 3/27/19)
Med – Trans, Care Flight (received 4/1/19)
Received from Coroner Dr. Valcourt 3/27/19 *** from 5/24/14 to 5/21/18 — 9 visits and complaints for headache and/or dizziness ***

March 28, 2019
Met with the mother of Raniya, Ashley Wright, at the Sheriff’s Office. Ms. Wright stated this had been an ongoing situation between her daughter and
{…}. Ms. Wright stated over the last few weeks her daughter started complaining about going to school and not wanting to be there. She also stated that Raniya was telling her of issues with {…} picking on her. Ms. Wright stated she did not go to the school and speak to them about these issues. Ms. Wright emailed R/O pictures/screenshots of things she has received on facebook since the incident. Wright also stated ’s father and step-father have attempted to contact her since Monday’s incident.

March 29, 2019 @ 0900 hrs
Detective Butterfield and Sgt. Washington attended autopsy at MUSC. CD was returned with photographs. Detective Butterfield delivered Medical Record Release. Medical Records received 4/18/19

March 29, 2019 @ 0930 hrs,
Phone Call
{…} Walterboro, SC 29488
{…} stated she was at the school on the date of the incident. She stated she went back and checked her phone and was there from 12:47 pm to 12:55 pm. She went with her daughter to see if they could see the daughter’s teachers from the previous year. {…} stated they were not allowed and left. As they were leaving, she observed Raniya in the foyer laying on the ground next to the library and she appeared to be very upset and crying. {…} stated there was a male standing next to her telling her to get up so they could go to the nurse. also stated her daughter had issues at the school last year in reference to a child harassing her daughter. {…} stated she went to the school on several occasions last year regarding these issues.

March 29, 2019
Request sent to Forest Hills Elementary School for Wright’s medical records. Request made for FHE surveillance footage, received
Statement received {…}:
Was Raniya’s {…} for two years. Raniya would visit every morning before class would start. Raniya grew close with Price. Never disclosed any issues or bullying her. Raniya stated once a girl in another homeroom did not want to be her friend. {…} was contacted by Raniya’s mother on the night of March 25th and asked to come to the hospital. {…} asked about Raniya’s condition, mom stated she had a brain aneurysm and they believed it burst during the incident at school. Mom felt bad she did not take Raniya to the doctor before, even though Raniya had been complaining about headaches. On the 26th, {…} went to MUSC.

Statement received {…}:
Class was well behaved and on task for the duration of the period.

Verbal Statement received by {…}:
At the beginning of class Raniya and {…} were arguing. They were separated with no other incidents.

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