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by | April 6, 2019 5:00 pm

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As the American political landscape gets bumpier every day, let’s look for common ground. Remembering what we share reminds us that we’re people, not political slogans.

A lot of us get our hackles up when we encounter people with different ideologies: “She watches Fox? She’s a right-wing idiot.” “If you support the guy who wants a universal living wage, you’re a commie.” That kind of thing. But we’re more alike than we are different.

We all feel like we’re faking it sometimes.

We all hate folding fitted sheets.

We all liked “Tombstone.”

We all worry about our kids.

We all want to lose 10 pounds.

We’re all trying to kick sodas, sugar or beer.

We all think teens are too young to have ***.

We all like pancakes.

We all have pets, or used to, or wish we did.

We’re all either paying off student loans, have kids with student loans, or gave up and defaulted on student loans.

We all have fat clothes and thin clothes.

We’re all tired.

We all have a favorite TV show that got canceled, and we’re still mad about it. (“Trial and Error” for me.)

We all have too much stuff.

We all think new car prices are outrageous.

We all know who Andy Griffith is.

We all want to make more money and pay less taxes.

We all go to bed earlier than we used to.

We all keep secrets.

We all like Girl Scout cookies.

We all spoil our grandchildren.

We all end up more like our parents than we want to admit.

We all look in the mirror and wonder who those dark circles and bleary eyes belong to.

We all eat fried chicken and pizza with our hands. (If you use a fork, why?)

We all have fears we don’t talk about.

We’re all suckers for fuzzy puppies.

We all have security—a ring doorbell, alarm system, or a 98-pound Rottweiler named Hans.

We all have that one magical pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

We all have more to offer than we think we do.

We all wonder how we survived being so young and dumb.

We all think life is flying by at warp speed.

We all have a color we absolutely cannot wear. (Hi, purple!)

We all sing along to “Country Roads.”

We all think fire ants are from ****.

We all feel restless/wistful/slightly depressed on Sunday afternoons.

We all suspect most people are smarter than we are. (They aren’t.)

We all worry about what other people think.

We all reach a point where we don’t give a flying fig about what other people think.

We all enjoy good wine, but we buy cheap wine.

We all want to be seen as successful. (If you’re not in prison and you pay your bills on time, you’re a winner in my book.)

We all have days when we hate our jobs.

We all have days when we know we’re doing God’s work.

We all struggle to forgive.

We all hate standing in line.

We all wish we had more patience.

We all know how to live right, but sometimes we don’t do it.

We all want to feel special.

We all want to be respected.

We all have a KC and the Sunshine Band album in the attic.

We all want somebody else to take out the garbage.

We all have days when we look at our spouses and think, “Why did I pick you?”

We all want our kids to have more opportunity than we did.

We all dislike spoiled kids.

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  1. Comment by Fred Palm

    April 8, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    Need more of this.

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