Join hands and pray. That’s all we need.

by | April 4, 2019 5:00 pm

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“This was our fault. I’m not going to try to guess the ways our priorities have gone askew, but they have. (But we are) divided by race, united by Christ,” said the Rev. Zane Brown at last Thursday night’s prayer service at Pinckney Park.
The service was organized by Brown and the Rev. Eric Campbell, to pray for all those affected by the tragedies of the past week and for healing for the community. Following are excerpts from the comments during the service.
“This is a time for healing and comfort and encouragement. Look around you at the faces — white, black brown. Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran. This is the body of Christ. This is a time we can pray, learn. Then we’ll hear from heaven,” Brown said.
“Today, we’re are broken, grieving and angry people. These are Your people gathered here. Let this be the day as we, collectively, here in Colleton County, humble ourselves. Seek Your will and Your ways and turn from all the wickedness in our lives. You are our hope and our help.”
“Today, we have black AND white,” Campbell said. “We cursed our own city. We cursed each other. We came today to change the way we speak about out city. Join hands and pray. It’s a mission from God.”
“Sometimes you become so selfish and think about yourselves. But think about someone here tonight and what they need. Hear us, Father. We come tonight seeking mercy for Colleton, all the families involved. Please hear our cry. We are expecting revival for this city. But the revival has already begun, because you brought these people together for your cause and your purpose.
What we pray for is the family of the young man who was slain on last Friday. His mother. We pray for the young lady who was involved.
“We pray for the young girl who was in the fight the other day whose life was lost. We pray for her mother, her family. We know that the mother of the young child who was the aggressor, she’s hurting. But You are a healer. Thank you for healing her.
“We pray for our superintendent. He’s got a lot on his shoulders right now. We pray for our leaders: our county councilmen, city councilmen, school board members. We pray for all our leaders.
“Thinks are changing as we pray. We believe from this moment, nothing will ever be the same. We thank You for peace in our community. Love in our community.
“Join hands and pray. That’s all we need.”

The planning

The idea for last Thursday night’s community prayer service originated with Pastor Eric Campbell of Walterboro. He joined with the Rev. Zane Brown and the Pastor JaDon Buckner to try to bring healing to the community.
In a video posted prior to the event, Campbell and Brown expressed their thoughts.
“There is a lot going on in our county right now. I received a call asking what we can do. Limited, other than prayer. I was praying and asking God for direction.” And then God answered. “Why don’t we all come together and pray?”
“I started thinking about how in 2013, there was a lot going on in our community. How we all came together as one and there was so much power. Since then, we’ve moved away from it. But now, more than ever, is a time to come back together.”
“Healing is the answer right now, which can only come from prayer. Division won’t solve any problems. But unity will. Where there’s unity, there’s strength.
Brown said, “We should pray for the peace of the city where we are. There’s not much peace right now. And the one thing we can all do is come together and cry out to God for peace and His grace and His mercy. This is not a time for us to be speculating and guessing — we don’t know the facts of either situation. But what we do know is there’re a lot of hurting people.
“We can cry out to God to bring peace to our city, bring peace to broken hearts.”

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  1. Comment by Cat

    April 5, 2019 at 9:36 am

    What a moving and truthful speech but I wish he would have elaborated more on he other young lives lost in this town. A beautiful young baby girl with her whole life ahead of her taken by a drunk driver, our young men slain for no reason. This community which I believe to be a loving, caring and giving community needs to unite, comfort those who are hurt and grieving. Someone in the county has been touched im someway by all the tragedies that have taken place. I hope we can stop the blame game and love one another.

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