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It’s that time of year again, the time to sign up for the 2019 4-H Poultry Project. It may be cool now, but spring will be here before you know it and the days will be getting warmer. With that in mind, consider the fun of raising and showing chickens, either for the first time or as a veteran chicken grower.
Raising baby chicks from day one to egg-laying age can be a rewarding experience for our 4-H youth across the Savannah Valley Region of South Carolina. The Savannah Valley Poultry Project is offered to youth between the ages 5-19 who live in the following counties: Colleton, Hampton, Charleston, Dorchester, Beaufort, Jasper, Allendale, Barnwell, Bamberg, Orangeburg and Calhoun. The project will be conducted through the Hampton County Clemson Extension Office.
The 4-H Pullet Chain has been one of Clemson Extension’s most popular projects, and one that does not require too much time or expense, other than feed and shelter. This year youth can either order multiples of five ($20), twelve ($35), or twenty-five ($75) chicks to raise over the summer. Chicks will be placed with the youth around the end of April. The breed of chicks that will be offered this year is the Golden Comet. Comets have earned the reputation of being the best layers of large brown eggs.
Also offered this year is the 4-H Laying Flock project. The Laying Flock project is designed for youth that already have chickens at home and are not interested in raising new birds from 4-H this year. Participants have the same opportunities to show as those in the Pullet Chain. The cost to participate in the Laying Flock Project is $10 for 4-H members.
To participate in this project, youth will need to complete an application form, available through local Clemson Extension Offices or online at www.clemson.edu/extension/hampton/4h/projects/poultry and pay a deposit of $35 for each 12 or $70 for each 25 chicks ordered. A portion of the birds will be returned at the end of the project for auction. There is also a five-bird option for $20 that does not require the return of birds for auction.
All applications are due by March 15. The deposit will be returned to the youth in the fall, after they satisfactorily complete the project, and return five pullets (for those choosing 25) or three pullets (for those raising 12) for the fall auction. Proceeds from the auction help offset the cost of offering the project and all prizes/awards that are given throughout the year. All remaining pullets are the 4-H members to keep for “free.” Youth will also have opportunities to show their birds at area showmanship events.
Youth who are not already a member of 4-H for the 2018-2019 year will be required to pay an additional membership fee of $10. With the membership, youth will receive a t-shirt and have the opportunity to participate in other 4-H projects offered for the year including clubs, projects, and summer camps.
For more information, contact Dawn Stuckey, County 4-H Agent at dstucke@clemson.edu or call the Hampton County Clemson Extension office at 803-943-3427, Ext 114.

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