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by | March 15, 2019 5:00 pm

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One cat prompted a big donation to the animals of Colleton County. On Monday March 11, Tim Anderson, the Elks National Foundation chairman for Walterboro and grant coordinator, brought a $1,000 check to the shelter for Friends of Colleton County Animal Shelter (FoCCAS).
Anderson explained that a stray cat had been hanging out at the Elks Lodge. Her presence made Anderson and others think about what could be done for the other animals of Colleton County. This year is the 150th Anniversary of Elks USA and special grants were awarded to local chapters. FoCCAS is honored to be a recipient of one of these grants.
This money will be used to help spay and neuter community cats in Colleton County. Formerly called feral cats, community cats live outside and can keep away mice, rats, and snakes. They also prevent other cats from moving into the area. When these cats are fixed and returned to their home community, they live out healthy lives.
FoCCAS, through SNAC in Ridgeland, offers community (feral) cat spay/neuter program. For just $10, a cat will get a rabies shot, tested for FIV and feline leukemia, and be spayed or neutered.
For more information on this program, call SNAC at 843-645-8500.

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  1. Comment by Robin K

    March 16, 2019 at 1:24 am

    Community cat is a conveniently constructed marketing term to suggest that cats without owners actually belong in communities. They don’t. What does belong are snakes and other native predators that control those mice and rats.

    These cats don’t prevent other cats from moving into the area thanks to the abundance of food provided.

    And they aren’t healthy. They don’t receive any regular veterinary care. Injuries and illnesses are left untreated. They only receive one shot for rabies and are not boostered. And they are the definitive host for Toxoplasmosis.

    These programs are bad for wildlife, bad for public health, and bad for the cats themselves.

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