Beasley’s Sauces offer a fresh alternative to the norm

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Kyle Beasley is an archetype among Southern barbecue masters: gruff, outspoken, and with many stories to tell. What sets him apart as a counter revolutionary is his approach to barbecue sauce.
I first encountered him at last year’s Smoke in the ‘Boro event. At the time, I was new to Colleton County, overjoyed at the prospect of witnessing a real barbecue competition. One of the first people I encountered at the event was Beasley. He’s the kind of food person that I relate to most: humble and ensconced in tradition, and in love with discussing his craft, which I found during recent messenger conversations.
Pork is the mainstay of Carolina barbecue. Served shredded, pulled, or chopped, it can be found smoked over a variety of woods. Sauces are where variety begins. Officially, four kinds of sauces meet porcine bliss: vinegar and pepper, mustard, heavy tomato and light tomato. While Beasley’s Sauces does produce a traditional mustard sauce, the rest of their sauces are fruit based. This is an uncommon deviation in the world of Southern barbecue.
After a car wreck in 2011 left him with a long recovery, Beasley began tinkering with flavors in the kitchen. He found himself pursuing a more healthy lifestyle and created his sauces around that revelation, eschewing the use of MSG or high fructose corn syrup. After a period of trial and error, the first sauces to see the light of day were Apple Pie Sauce and Blueberry Sauce. Orange Tangerine Sauce and Mango Sauce followed. His sauces soon caught on around town, and Beasley, along with business partner Nick Stratton, decided to bottle and sell the mixtures.
Beasley’s Sauces can be used in the same way as traditional barbecue sauce. Slather them on ribs or chicken, or mixed in or topping pulled pork. According to Beasley, they define versatility. He encourages trying them on everything from salads and pancakes to wings and eggs. My personal standout is the Mango Sauce with pulled pork. The bright and sweet nuances of the fruit complement the natural flavor profiles of good quality, slow smoked or roasted pork ****. Beasley prefers his meat smoked with pecan wood. The nutty background of pecan smoke is the perfect overture to fruit-based sauce, further expanding its naturally sweet elements.
At present, Beasley’s Sauces are produced locally at the Colleton Commercial Kitchen, but in order to meet demand, Beasley and Stratton are eyeing a move to a more robust production facility in Hanahan. With this move, new sauces can rapidly be created and brought to market. Ultimately, the goal of Beasley’s Sauces is to traverse beyond the Lowcountry to global distribution.
Beasley’s Sauces can be purchased at the Colleton Museum, local IGA markets, and select convenience stores. More information and online ordering can be found at They will be present at this year’s Smoke in the ‘Boro event, where a new, never before tasted sauce will debut.

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