Students propose model for new river park

by | January 18, 2019 5:00 am

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Colleton County Council welcomed four teams of youthful consultants to their Jan. 8 meeting.
Council Chairperson Joseph Flowers put the design teams to work with an Oct. 1 letter. He explained that the county recently obtained land near the Edisto River and I-95.
The plan was to develop the land into something that would drive tourism and possibly attract more residents to Colleton County.
Flowers wrote that he learned that the potential designers were studying ancient civilizations that developed near rivers, pointing out that rivers played an important part of Colleton County’s development.
“We would like for Palmetto New Tech students to create a park that would be both educational and fun for all people of all ages. Why not center your theme on how the river became the lifeline of each ancient civilization?”
“Your park should include information about the aspects of each ancient civilizations: geography, religion, achievements, politics, economics and social structure.”
“We will need your proposal to include a 3D model of your park design as well as information about your work.”
The land and plan for development of a tourist attraction was fiction — an innovative approach for the students to learn about those ancient cultures, as well as about their own county.
The letter was designed as a prelude to Colleton Middle School sixth-grade students in the humanities class co-taught by social studies teacher Sarah Keith and English and language arts teacher Keeley Farris.
The humanities class, Keith explained to council, is a blending of both subjects.
Four teams of students came to the council session to show off their 3D models and explain how their plan for the park would work.
The park class project behind them, Keith said, “Our next project is a debate:  Who had more influence on our society, Greece or Rome? After that, we will be taking on the National Public Radio’s Podcast Challenge, in which our students will address the significance of Western African kingdoms during Medieval times.”

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