Beginner Beekeepers class planned Jan. 26

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Do you have an interest in becoming a beekeeper or learning more about hives? The Low Country Bee Keepers will hold a Beginners’ Beekeeper Class Saturday Jan. 26 at Bee City, 1066 Holly Ridge Ln., Cottageville. The class includes a field day excursion Saturday April 19 and offers a one-year membership in the Low Country Bee Keepers’ Association. The January class will begin at 9 a.m. and last until.
“The Low Country Bee Keepers have been offering this class for quite a while, but this year, we are going to focus on the basics and beginner skills,” said Scott Biering, owner of Bee City. “When you finish this class, you should be ready to start your bees. The class will be taught by experienced bee keepers within the association and we will also have a packet of expanded information for more in-depth training at your own pace. There are also members of the club willing to mentor and provide hands-on support to new members just beginning their hive. ”
According to Biering, who has been keeping bees since he was five-years old, bee keeping is one of the most rewarding hobbies in today’s fast-paced culture.
“You never stop learning,” said Biering, who now has over 7,000 hives. “If you learn the inner workings of a beehive, you will find yourself fascinated by what they are able to do — it is really mind-boggling. It is also a hobby that will pollinate your garden and help save crops. Honeybees do 80 percent of all crop pollination. Many researchers believe if honeybees should disappear from our planet, so to would mankind within 7-10 years. We simply cannot feed today’s population without pollination from the honeybee.
“Bee keeping is becoming more popular, especially in planned neighborhoods and communities,” said Biering. “Home owner associations are actually looking for bee keepers to help pollinate neighborhoods and communities.”
Biering said that although it isn’t necessary to take a class to keep bees, the rate of success will be much higher armed with a little knowledge. “The investment to take the class is money well spent and will pay for itself in a number of ways,” said Biering.
The cost associated with the beekeeper’s class is $50 per person or $70 per couple. To register, mail checks to the Low Country Bee Keepers, C/O Bee City, 1066 Holly Ridge Lane, Cottageville, S.C. 29435.

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