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Forty-six pints collected

by | November 10, 2018 5:00 pm

Last Updated: November 7, 2018 at 12:31 pm

The Marshall “Bubba” Catterton third annual memorial blood drive collected 46 pints of blood from 53 possible donors recently at the Walterboro Elks Lodge.
Catterton and Casey Parrot were killed after being struck by a car three years ago. The two were attempting to remove a deer from the road hit by Catterton’s truck. Casey was killed instantly, but Bubba required 42 pints of blood during his unsuccessful fight for life.
The Catterton family has held blood drives in his memory ever since. The helicopter crew who transported Bubba attended. Pizza and t-shirts were given out.
Those who came to donate blood included: Erin Davis, Joseph Wolf, Mary Williams, Donald Williams, Connie Pellegrino, Nell Gorski, Tina Catterton, Kimberly Hickman, Jordan Valentine, Draper Palmer, Julius Hiott Jr., Brenda Ritter, Jason Padgett, Stacey Thomas, Tim Smith, Bradley Mullis, Lisa Stroupe, Janet Simson, Robin Tanner, Travis Godley (five gallons), Troy Spires, Lisa Mixson, Sarah Grosset, Hope Hipp, Meagan Drawdy, Kimberly Simmons, Billy Elliott, Bobbi Dryer, Angela Cates, Teresa Bourne, Tina Kirkhart (age 16), Rebecca Crosby, Kimberly Barnardi, Marguarite Catterton, Matt Rentz, Thomas Mabry, Melanie Dandridge, Tim Mabry, Rebecca Rohde, Destiny Johnson, Charles Clementson, Elise Banks, James Banks, English Crosby, Valeria Mabry, Kristin Sartain, Kayla Rourk, Ashlay Lake, Donna Sineath, Leslie Yurcho, Terond Angerer, Maureen Mawhinney and Daniel Mawhinney.
For information on regular blood drives, call Norma Weeks, 843-538-8950.

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