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Impassioned with a dream to rescue children and families from the vestiges of a war-torn jungle, plagued with the likes of proclaimed witch doctors and dire poverty is a man with faith in God. African Bishop Joel Kakembo Ntambi of Mt. Zion Church in Gayaza, Uganda is on a mission to educate the children and promote the successful nurturing of their families.
The mission to aid some of Uganda’s most vulnerable called for a stop at Saints Center Ministries in Walterboro on Nov. 8. Bishop Joel delivered an inspiring word and issued a call for all who want to join his cause by helping to shine a light in a very dark place and “cause a spring to arise out of nowhere,” he said.
According to Bishop Joel, in the last several years he has been fortunate to work with the anointing of God and an international body of believers to facilitate a positive change to the affected area. “Christ’s Ambassadors Junior School started as a dream, but though prayer and trusting God it began to unfold into a reality,” he said.
“God is doing something so amazing. Children so much affected by their past and their grandparents in generations of poverty are being brought to another level in their life.”
Kakembo runs a school with 157 children up to age 14, mostly orphans. “We have many children in our school who are orphans,” he said.
“We are looking for ways for people to adopt a child or sponsor a child on a monthly basis.”
The group also has a great need for donations of hygiene items and money. In addition to helping the children, the church wants to start building a high school in the coming year. Right now, the school only offers primary grades, even though they try to teach up to age 14. But they need money for not only construction of the building, but computers, a library, etc. And, of course, they need food and water.
Water is a big problem in the whole area.
“If we could get interest in bringing water into our school, that would be a blessing,” he said.
The bishop moved to the Gayaza area in 1997 — an area that has been ravaged by war and poverty. And in 2009, he had a dream. “I was laid by the Lord in a night dream. I was brought to this place to start a school,” he said. “When the Lord led us to that place, we knew it was a place of great, great need. By God’s grace, we prevail.”
A humanitarian trip to the area is being planned in January by Joshua Group of Christ Temple Church in North Charleston. Pastor Phillip Taylor of Saints Center Ministries plans to be part of that group which will be involved in educational enrichment, health and wellness and providing clean drinking water.
Taylor said that he is very humbled by the opportunity to support the humanitarian effort being facilitated through the Joshua Group in North Charleston.
“The Saints Center Ministries family and our friends in the community continually demonstrate their willingness to give, and I am hopeful that I can be an instrument of the Grace of God to share His love through giving,” said Taylor. “It’s equally important for me to learn from the natives of Uganda.”
Contributions to the trip will assist with travel, lodging, educational supplies, medical materials, engineering assessment and the clean water engineering place.
Donations can be sent to The Joshua Group, P.O. Box 60310, North Charleston, S.C. 29419. All donations are tax deductible.

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