So where does all that money go?

by | October 4, 2018 5:00 pm

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Colleton County School District Finance Director Emily Temple outlined the uses for the increases placed in different General Fund accounts, prior to the school board’s approval of the 2018-2019 General Fund budget.

Goes to salary increases for the district’s certified and classified staffs.
The increases for the school district’s certified staff represents a one year of experience step and also restores a step to bring all certified staff up to the actual years of experience.
For the district’s classified staff, the raise represents restoring one experience step. The school board will have to consider restoring another step in future budgets to bring the classified staff up to wages based on their actual years of experience.
The budget also modified the salary range for some specific positions.

Represents the amount needed to increase the fringe benefit costs based on the salary increases.
The figure also represents the state requiring a one-percent increase in the employer retirement rate in the state-operated pension plan and a 7.4-percent increase in the employer health insurance rate paid by the district.

Represents the amount needed to add five new posts: an administrative assistant principal at Forest Hills Elementary School, a fifth-grade teacher at Cottageville Elementary School, a sixth-grade teacher at Colleton County Middle School, an administrative assistant in the Transportation Department and a new teacher support specialist.

Will be used to increase the contract with Kelly Services from $675,000 to $850,000 to cover increased expenditures.

Will be used to provide an additional School Resource Officer for the elementary schools.

Will be used by the Office of Human Resources to cover the fees for time clock maintenance paid to Kronos and to cover the annual employee license maintenance fees.

Is the additional amount needed to maintain the level of services in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.

Will be used to cover increased costs in the operating budget for the Office of Administrative Services.

Was needed in the Transportation Department to handle a number of items.
Removing the security cameras from the school buses taken out of service required a $10,000 increase for the state’s bus maintenance department; $9,000 went to radio tower fees, $11,000 was needed to purchase routing software.
The new school buses provided by the state have GPS already installed, $30,000 was needed to install GPS in the rest of the fleet.
Bus safety supplies and the bus repair and maintenance programs each received an additional $15,000.

Went to the Office of Technology to cover the purchase of new software, increases in Internet circuits and IT staff training.

Represented an increase in the budget account of the Office of Athletics but did not represent new money. In an accounting move, the funds that were in the middle school and high school instructional supply budgets to cover the costs of team travel to away contests and travel for the athletic director and assistant traffic director were moved to the Office of Athletics account.

An increase in the account for Maintenance/Housekeeping account represents another accounting move that for the most part does not represent new money. The district decided to take a number of maintenance fees and service agreements that had been located in other accounts and relocate them in one account.

The increased amount is needed to cover a $24,631 increase in the premiums for the school district’s property insurance and an $84,045 increase in worker’s compensation premiums.

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