Bridge earns scholarship for aseptic compounding training

by | September 7, 2018 5:00 pm

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Trenton Bridge recently completed his first year of pharmacy at the University of South Carolina. He was recently awarded a scholarship from the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center to attend aseptic technique training over the summer at the Aseptic Compounding Experience (ACE) Lab at the University of South Carolina. Bridge was the only student and newcomer to the experienced field involved in the training. He recently received notification he passed competency testing for aseptic technique. Bridge’s scholarship was funded by Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy of Nephron Pharmaceuticals.
“The competency tests included a Gloved Fingertip Sampling (GFS) in which I had to glove up using aseptic technique and place my fingers on a growth medium, then allow it to sit for 24-hours to see if any growth resulted from bacteria (a sign of improper technique),” said Bridge. “I also completed a media fill screening where I had to fill an IV bag using sterile techniques and the results were recorded after two-weeks of incubation.”
“This course was a wonderful opportunity for me,” said Bridge. “Going into P2 year, I already have training in aseptic compounding, which is tested for competency throughout the year.”
In addition to Bridge’s summer training, he has been asked to coordinate an Innovative Pedagogy Grant. “This past semester, my professor, Kathy Quarles-Moore, RPh, CDM, was awarded an Innovative Pedagogy Grant,” said Bridge. “Mrs. Moore asked me to coordinate the project in which we have recorded consultation videos regarding smoking cessation, diabetes management, hypertension management and asthma management. We are also doing a general consultation video for the P1 class to be used as an instructional video for an assessment. In this video, I will be the student pharmacist counseling the patient regarding their medications. We will be conducting research on the efficacy of the videos for use as an instructional tool, along with recording videos of compounding procedures and implementing a new compound into the curriculum using a foam base.”
Bridge will also join the research team of Dr. Patricia Fabel, PharmD, BCPS, and Ashley Godwin, B.S., on the potential for abuse/misuse of gabapentin (neurontin).
In March 2019, Bridge will present research at the APhA (American Pharmacists’ Association) National Convention in Seattle, Wash.
Outside of his studies, Bridge works as a pharmacy intern at Palmetto Health Richland and has maintained a position with CVS as a pharmacy intern over the last three years. He plans to pursue a postgraduate residency focusing on clinical pharmacy or ambulatory care pharmacy after graduation.
Bridge began his education at USC–Salkehatchie in Walterboro. He is the son of Phyllis Walling Bridge and grandson of Carol Walling. His sister, Erica O’Quinn, graduated from Salkehatchie with her associates in science degree in 2010, her B.S. in nursing in 2012 and is currently attending South University in pursuit of becoming a nurse practitioner.


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