Man targeted twice in the same day at his home

by | August 2, 2018 5:00 pm

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A Walterboro man and woman are in custody, arrested in connection with two separate attempts to allegedly steal from a Three Mile Road resident on July 25.

The first incident occurred while 73-year-old man was still in bed the morning of July 25.

The man told deputies that a woman he knew showed up at his mobile home the evening of July 24 and he let her spend the night after she told him her boyfriend was in jail and she had no where to stay.

At about 6 a.m., the woman came into the victim’s bedroom, pointed a .38 caliber handgun at him and demanded money. The victim said the woman told him, “If you don’t give me the money, I going to shoot you old man.”

The man said he had sold a utility trailer the day before. He gave her the proceeds from that sale and she walked out.

Before leaving, the woman reportedly took the sim card from his cell phone and used a key to damage the sim card contact points on his phone to delay his reporting the armed robbery to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office.

The man identified the woman who robbed him at gunpoint, but reported a different last name.

Deputies, suspecting they knew whom the man was talking about, obtained the driver’s license photo of the suspect.

The victim agreed that the woman in the photo was the one who robbed him.

Deputies knew a location the woman was known to frequent, and by about 3 p.m., she was in custody.

Meghan E. Connor

Deputies have charged Meghan E. Connor, 29, of Walterboro on charges of armed robbery and possession of a weapon in the commission of a violent crime.

A bond hearing held later in the day resulted in Conner being ordered to be held on two cash surety bonds totaling $50,000.

That same night around 9:15 p.m., deputies were at the man’s Three Mile Road residence again after the senior citizen sustained multiple injuries after confronting a man he suspected of stealing tools from his property previously.

The victim said he went outside before heading for bed and found the suspect on his property.

The victim said he told the man to leave, but the suspect refused. The victim said he was going to call law enforcement if the man didn’t leave.

The man reportedly said he would kill the victim before picking up an aluminum baseball bat and hitting him with it on the right side of his head. The victim said he sustained a fractured right arm after blocking one of the man’s swings.

The victim said the man had also punched and kicked him in the facial area during the assault.

After the attack, the deputy arriving on the scene learned, the suspect had fled into the woods.

About 75 minutes later, the suspect called 911 from a location of McLeod Road, near the scene of the attack. He alleged that the elderly man had beaten him with a metal walking cane and the man’s son had punched him in the face. He said he fled into the woods because he feared for his life.

The deputy relocated to McLeod Road to meet with the suspect and found the man with multiple scratches on his face and body, a laceration on his head and wearing pants saturated with water.

Most of the 45-year-old man’s injuries, the deputy said in his incident report, appeared to be caused by the man’s run through the nighttime woods.

Jason M. Benton

The deputy told the suspect, Jason M. Benton, 45, of Walterboro, that he was being arrested on a charge of first-degree assault and battery due to the age difference between the two men, his alleged threat, his alleged use of a metal baseball bat as a weapon and the seriousness of the victim’s injuries.

Benton was transported to Colleton County Detention Center on the charge. In a bond court appearance, Benton was ordered held in lieu of a $70,000 cash surety bond.

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