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by | August 18, 2018 5:00 pm

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Dear Editor:
As the exhibition season of NFL football got underway this week, so did the protests by black NFL players as they took a knee during the National Anthem. My protest will also continue, as I will refuse to watch another NFL game as long as the NFL players continue to disrespect my flag and my National Anthem. The fans in the stands have nothing to do with solving their problem.
When asked about disrespecting the flag, they say they are exercising their freedom of speech. They are correct and they have the freedom to do that. But I have to wonder if these players realize how selfish this protest is. There are people in the stands and watching on television forced to watch this disrespectful display. Veterans and families who have lost a family member while serving their country are deeply hurt by their actions, while the players are playing politics with this protest.
I believe the main reason the players do not feel remorse for their actions is they were never taught our American history so they could understand where this country started and the role our flag has played in our growth throughout history. It is the story of freedom in America.
As described in our National Anthem, the flag has always been a symbol of the freedom given to us by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. From the victories won during the Revolutionary War and throughout each of the wars we have fought since then, the flag has been carried into every battle. For many, seeing that flag proudly waving was the last thing they saw. They knew why they were there, and each of them was prepared to pay the price of keeping freedom in the future of their families. For them, the price of freedom was their life.
Around the world during two world wars, the sight of the American flag has stood for freedom. Millions and millions of people in countries around the world owe their freedom to the men and women who proudly carried our flag in their fight for their freedom. The flag is recognized and respected because the freedom it symbolizes.
To use this flag as a political tool while hurting so many is selfish. Furthermore, these players should know they will not get any support from the people they are hurting. Our freedoms are to be cherished and not abused in this manner.

Noel Ison

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