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Grandparents can learn about video games

by | August 10, 2018 5:00 pm

Last Updated: August 8, 2018 at 10:51 am


The Edisto Beach Branch of the Colleton County Memorial Library will be presenting a workshop called “Introduction to Video Games for Seniors: How to Understand the Games Your Grandkids Are Playing” on Aug. 14 from 5-6 p.m. at the Edisto Beach Library, 71 Station Court, Edisto Beach.
The world of video games can be quite confusing for people who didn’t grow up with them. In this class, seniors will learn what the screens of video games are saying so they can understand their grandchildren’s games. They will also learn terminology, genres and current video game culture.
Seniors can try some video games on the PS4, Nintendo Switch and other consoles. This class is designed to provide video game knowledge in a fun and hands-on setting.
Seniors will learn the different types of video games, what the display on the screen says and means, common terminology, different video game systems and other basics. In this session, seniors will watch a presentation that includes video game footage, and then they can ask questions and play games themselves. At the end, they will take a fun quiz with prizes. Both grandparents and grandkids are welcome to come together.
The presenter is Stephen Galaida, a ninth-grade student and resident of Edisto Beach. Teaching this class fulfills a summer learning requirement for his school, Charleston Collegiate School. He says, “I chose to do this project, because I would like more people to understand video games better, so there isn’t any prejudice against video games. Video games build strong stories and characters and teach people problem solving, strategy and world culture. Playing video games with your grandkids is a great way to bond and relate to each other.”
Colleton County Memorial Library Director Carl Coffin is also enthusiastic. “Video gaming is a favorite past time for many and has opened the door to employment opportunities in the tech and science industry. I have also seen many reluctant readers select books to read as a result of playing video games. I look forward to giving this young man an opportunity to teach grandparents about video gaming.”
The program is free for seniors and their grandchildren.

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