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by | July 21, 2018 5:00 pm

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Condition of golf course greatly improved
Dear Editor:
Have you played golf at the Dogwood Hills Golf Course lately?
Thanks to some excellent course management and frequent rain, the course is in the best condition I can remember in a long time — great fairways and greens soft as a plush carpet.
My out-of-town friends were suitably impressed with the playability of the course, wishing only for another nine holes.
Kudos to Roy Metzendorf, course manager, and the other employees for a job well done.
Lewis W. Keith

What a wonderful world it could be
Dear Editor:
I want to thank you for the wonderful article on Samuel Terry in the most recent issue of The Press and Standard. What an amazing man! It must be some kind of record to work at the same place for 75 years! I applaud him and his wife of 70 years for the amazing family they raised and the values they lived by and taught them. If we all lived by those principles, just think what a wonderful community … country… world this would be!
On another note … No to a tax increase to “restore historic properties!” We need to be able to afford to restore our own properties! There are other avenues that could be used to fund those projects, such as fundraisers, grants, using some of that penny tax passed a few years ago for the other “beautification” projects around Walterboro.
Please, don’t tax us right out of our homes!

Mary Black

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