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by | July 26, 2018 5:00 am

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School board revises uniform policy.

A last minute change to the proposed Colleton County School District policy governing student apparel welcomes denim jeans back to the classroom.
The motion to approve the revised school district policy was moved and seconded at the school board July 17 session after School Superintendent Dr. Franklin Foster asked if the board members were going to address the unanswered question concerning the fate of denim’s return to the classroom.
Board attorney Bert Duffy guided board members through the options in reopening a policy question which had already been moved and seconded.
Duffy also expressed reservations about making a verbal amendment to the policy; he’d rather see any possible change spelled out on paper.
Delaying passage to allow the proposed policy amended to bring denim back wasn’t an option, several members said, as the next board meeting will be after classes start. Making the change and then calling a special board meeting to pass the policy change was also discounted as an option.
Dr. Foster said he believed that the change could be simply done by taking the two sections where denim jeans were prohibited and altering them, allowing denim jeans without holes.
He also pointed out that the possibility of students showing up in baggy jeans was already addressed in another section of the dress code where students were not allowed to wear clothing that was one size larger than they needed.
Dr. Foster pointed out that the question of permitting denim jeans was put to the school district’s school principals, who will be administering the dress code, and they voiced support for the change.
Contact with parents about the dress code, for the most part, concerned allowing denim jeans.
Board member Tim Mabry said earlier in the day the problems with having the dress code in effect for students at Thunderbolt Career and Technology Center had been a topic of discussion. The vocational students show up for class in “nice shirts and slacks” and then have do oil changes, carpentry work or masonry work, he said.
Mabry also wondered about his earlier suggested dress code change, allowing a larger range of colors in the dress code. Dr. Foster said the new code did not expand the color options.
That, like other options untouched by the amendments, Dr. Foster said, will be the topic of a study of the dress code the district personnel will conduct during the next school year.
Prior to the addition of denim jeans to the list of approved clothing, there were few alterations to the district’s student dress, articles and displays policy.
Among them were:
• Shirts and blouses no longer have to be tucked in.
• School-sponsored spirit t-shirts can worn on any day.
• High school and middle school students are now required to wear their student IDs at all times.
• An exemption from the dress code can be obtained for religious beliefs. That change was necessary to adhere to federal regulations.
The main focus of the original redrafting of the dress code centered on any reference to a school uniform.
In an earlier story, Dr. Foster said references to a school uniform in the current policy had been a mistake, pointing out that the policy detailed what type of garments could be worn, but did not require what would be considered a specific type of uniform.

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