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Investigators probing trailer fire

by | July 19, 2018 11:05 am

Members of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s Arson Team are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed a double-wide mobile home at 938 Mars Oldfield Road in the early morning hours of July 18.
That morning, a co-owner of the rental property called Colleton County Fire-Rescue’s headquarters to alert firefighters about the unreported blaze.
The man said a neighbor called him, advising him that the residence had burned down earlier in the morning. Apparently no one was in the trailer when the fire started.
Based on the call, fire units were sent to the location and found the structure completely destroyed and almost burned out. Crews extinguished several hot spots and reported their suspicions to investigators.
According to Fire Chief Barry McRoy, the home had no power and several circumstances appeared suspicious, including why neighbors did not notify 9-1-1 several hours earlier when they saw the fire.
Fire units were on the scene for about five hours.
Anyone with information concerning the fire is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 843-549-2211, the SLED Arson Hotline at 800-922-7766 or Fire-Rescue headquarters at 843-539-1960.

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  1. Comment by Angela Reeves

    July 20, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    Prime example of how people hide behind religion.
    I offered to fix roof and mold damage to this trailer. And he filed a eviction on my daughter. Contractor contacted him and quoted him a price to fix it. If i had got it fixed it would have been alot less. However, his spitting and sputtering with me on the phone made me suspicious that his milk was not clean. And the fact he told my daughter i didn’t get back to him. I called him every day. He is the one that would not return phone calls.
    He is vice president at a insurance Company in Goosecreek or Mount pleasant. That carries Comercial Insurance. Ok so last year he purchased a mobil home but the sticker he placed on the trailer my daughter lived in which is the one you see here burned down. Did not match the trailer description at the tax office.
    The owner of the trailer was DT Enterprises. Which stand for Don and Tom. Ok Tom which is the neighbor that called Don the other owner that owns a insurance company to report to him the trailer had burned down. So its it’s under investigation that the trailer was possibly a arson. Because the fire department.
    Don also owner of insurance company had another property burned down presidents day.
    I dont care how many trailers he burns down and collect on. What pisses me off. Is the fact he uses prison and homelessness as his cover up. See Don is a Deacon that supports the homeless shelter and goes into prison to preach the gospel. Yes he is a minister that is covering his insurance scams. With the fact he is this God Fearing man.

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