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Teachers retire

by | June 1, 2018 5:00 pm

Last Updated: May 30, 2018 at 10:53 am

Teachers retiring in 2018 from the Colleton County School District include:

Ackerman, Marie, BSECC
Bailey, Mary Kaye, FHE
Bright, Anna, CCHS
Brown, Vergie, CCHS
Carter, Cynthia, FHE
Ceasar, Cynthia, Sp. Services
Chisolm, Victoria, Transportation
Chisolm, Hazel, Student Nutrition
Copeland, Nadine, Transportation
Crawford, Andrew, B&G
Crosby, Patsy, Student Nutrition
Cummings, Darlene, HES
Davis, Sally, CCHS
Dille, Daryl, Sp. Services
Douglas-Simmons, Lynne, CCHS
Doyle, Gwendolyn, HES
Drawdy, Patti, CCMS
Drawdy, Stephanie, CCHS
Ellis, Sheila, CES
Ellison, Queen, CCHS
Ferguson, Shirley, Transportation
Ford, Richard, CCHS
Gilliard, Brenda, Transportation
Goodwin, Rebecca, CCHS
Hayes, Wilmont, CCMS
Haynes, Donna, CES
Hood, Mary, CCHS
Howell, Sandra, FHE
Humphries, Miriam, NES
Lawton, Magdalene, CCHS
Mack, Harris, Sp. Services
Manigo, Teresa, CCHS
Mathis, Beverly, CCHS
McRoy, Jane, CCMS
Nesbitt, Peggy, BSECC
Perkins, Brenda, CCMS
Peter, Peter, B&G
Peurifoy, Kim, FHE
Richardson, Eve, FHE
Risher, Hazel, Student Nutrition
Roberson, Teresa, Student Nutrition
Robinson, Sweet Ree, HES
Russell, Arthur, TCTC
Seigler, Dale, NES
Simmons, Betty, Transportation
Simmons, Doris, Transportation
Spangler, Grace, FHE
Stieglitz, Robin, CES
Stroble, Donna Lynn, CCHS
Utsey, Phyllis, CES
Utsey, Lesley, FHE
Vincent, Judith, CCHS
White, Margean, HES
Wright, Janice, CCMS

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