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Husband and wife designing duo making noise in Hip-Hop fashion

by | June 30, 2018 5:00 am

Last Updated: June 27, 2018 at 11:28 am


Two former Colleton County residents are making noise in Atlanta and beyond with their Hip-Hop couture fashion line. Quinton and Delores Williams Salley, Ruffin High School Class of 1998 and 1999 respectively, currently live in the Atlanta Metro area. The husband and wife international designing duo launched their original line, 4*2*4, on Oct. 6, 2017.
“Our line has designs for all outlooks of life, with Hip-Hop apparel and a Hip-Hop Couture Collection,” said Delores Salley. “We strive to reach all demographics, but the brand will always mean the same thing — 4*2*4 family.”
The story behind the brand, however, goes a lot deeper for Quinton and Delores.
The couple is making the most of second chances. Quinton and Delores have been married twice — both times to each other. The first time, they were very young and straight out of high school. Even though they loved each other, they divorced four years later, moving in two different directions in life.
“Learning life and coming from an area where not many chances are given, Quinton became involved more in the street life, while I went more of a corporate route,” said Delores.
Things went south for Quinton shortly after their divorce when he was sentenced to 262 months in federal prison with 10 concurrent years of state time for drugs.
“He had a choice to tell on his family to get less time, but that code is lost sometimes in our own families, friends, and businesses — 4*2*4 is a code he stands by,” said Delores. “He remembers the day the judge gave him his sentence. He looked at Quinton and told him to not waste his life away back here, son.
“After sentencing, Quinton returned to the holding area, where he noticed a small sharp nail on the floor, which he began using on the wall to calculate time,” said Delores. “Quinton realized he couldn’t let prison change his mind frame. In his upcoming book and documentary titled ‘2030 the Quinton K. Salley Story,’ he says being behind bars can bring the strongest person down if they let it get to them mentally, which at the end of the day, that’s the plan — to control your state of mind.”
Serving over 11 years, Quinton learned from his time behind bars. “Disrespect was not allowed and behind bars, it was like its own country,” he said. “In the streets, they call it clicks or gangs; behind them walls, it is called cars.”
According to Delores, Quinton was his own car. “He was cool with everyone — no judgment,” she said. “If you have that rule, 4*2*4, you were good. He knew it was just numbers, but it meant a lot to him — it was his life.”
In prison, Quinton began designing towels to place on his floor as you entered his cell, much like doormats. “He would iron clothes for other prisoners, ironing the 4*2*4 imprint on them,” said Delores. “Not knowing what his future was, he was determined to not waste his life away. Yes, he got in trouble because survival is survival, but he knew one day, he would be able to see his family again.”
According to Delores, in 2009 then-President Barack Obama and Eric Holder passed a law that would allow Quinton to come home because his crimes were non-violent. Released 16 years early by the same judge who told him to not waste his life, Quinton headed home.
After remarrying Delores, the two began to build 4*2*4 Fashionz B4 Dishonor.
Now the rising designing couple have developed a following for their growing fashion line, including the likes of Tyler M. Williams, an actor who plays Lil’ Bobby Brown in the BET original “New Edition” and the upcoming original, “The Bobby Brown Story,” in late summer, along with being featured on the current season of “Love & Hip Atlanta.”
The duo will participate in Atlanta Fashionz Week July 28 and New York Fashionz Week on September 8. The company is also moving toward a global presence.
To learn more about 4*2*4 Fashionz LLC visit them on Facebook or at


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