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On May 11 deputies responded to a report of a student cursing and tearing down posters in the main upstairs hallway at Colleton County High School, causing a “major disruption in the school,” according to the sheriff’s report.
After taking the student into an empty room, deputies and teachers attempted to calm the student down. He was making comments about harming another student and her unborn child, as well as himself, apparently upset with the female student for talking to another male student, who was a cousin. The student was then taken to the guidance office.
The actions of the student, who has special needs, were attributed to his disability. The school did issue punishment for his actions; however, the type of punishment was not listed in the report.
On May 16 a deputy and school officials met with the female student’s mother to inform her of the incident. While she was not happy about what had occurred, she did not want to press charges for the threats.

On May 8 a deputy met with officials at the Colleton County Alternative School regarding a student who reportedly kicked in the bus office door because he wanted something to drink.
Statements were obtained from school administration and other students who witnessed the event.
The student was suspended for 10 days and recommended for expulsion.

A deputy responded to Colleton County High School on May 18 in reference to a student having a “green leafy substance believed to be marijuana on his person.”
A teacher apparently smelled marijuana on the student and took him to an office to be searched. The student removed a plastic zip-lock bag from his pants, which contained the green leafy substance. The teacher then called the school resource officer.
The bag was confiscated and entered into evidence. A petition was issued for simple possession with the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.

A school resource officer responded to a reported assault at Northside Elementary School on May 15.
The officer met with the victim and his mother. The victim reported he went to put trash in the trashcan and while he was returning to his seat, another student punched him in the face, causing minor injuries to his upper lip.
On May 16, the officer met with the principal, who said she had spoken with the subject who said the victim was “standing in his space and he asked him to move and he would not.” He admitted to hitting him in the face.
The principal also said the school would handle the incident, but that the victim’s mother said that “it’s not over.”

A student reportedly pushed another student on the stairs at Colleton County High School on May 14.
A deputy watched a video of a student pushing another student in the back, causing him to go down the stairs very quickly; however, the student did not fall from his feet. The incident did cause the student to re-injure his knee from a prior injury.
During a meeting with officials, the student’s mother and the victim, the victim accepted an apology from the other student. The mother said she didn’t want to press charges.
Both students were advised by school staff to avoid further comment with each other and both agreed.

A deputy responded to a Pleasant Grove residence on May 17 after a student reportedly threatened to harm others at school.
The deputy found the student standing in the driveway. He told the deputy his girlfriend had broken up with him that morning and threatened to have others “jump him” at school, the incident report said. The student said he’d put a pocketknife in his pocket to have something to defend himself, but had second thoughts and threw the knife on the ground. He then called 911 and asked to be arrested before he harmed other students at the high school.
The deputy found a silver 3.5-inch pocketknife on the ground.
The deputy contacted the student’s mother, who said she didn’t know anything about the incident.
A second deputy responded and arrested Montrel Savon Jones, 17, of 5114 Pleasant Grove Rd., Walterboro, on charges of disturbing school and unlawful communication.

Deputies responded to a fight Colleton County Middle School on May 17.
After students were evacuated due to a fire alarm, a teacher overheard the suspect threatening to beat up another student. The two began to fight, and the teacher and other students attempted to break up the altercation.
The victim had swelling and redness under his eye, as well as a large lump on the back of his neck.
Due to the number of students involved, the suspects were charged with assault by mob. The case was turned over to the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.

A student apparently brought a knife to school at Colleton County High School on May 23. The student gave a teacher a stainless steel kitchen knife with a three-inch blade, telling her he needed it for protection after being told other students were going to attack him after school.
The student was charged with carrying weapons on school grounds through the Dept. of Juvenile Justice, as well as being issued punishment from the school. He was released to his grandfather.

A teacher at Colleton County High School reported being threatened by a student on May 23.
The teacher told a deputy and the principal that other students overheard a student say they were “going to do something evil to her.” She also reported that she had issues with three students on May 18 and May 22, when she refused to allow them to continue to participate in an extra-curricular activity due to not fulfilling their assigned duties. One of the students had been a problem in the past, she reported.
The students were removed from the class and punished by the school for their actions.

A female student reportedly had a knife in her bookbag while in English class at Colleton County High School on May 22.
Another student saw the knife while looking for potato chips in the bookbag and told the teacher. When confronted, the student admitted the knife was hers and said she didn’t bring the weapon to school for protection.
School officials talked with the student about the seriousness of having a weapon on school grounds. The student was to be suspended after the testing period was over.
The case was turned over to the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.

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