Letter to the Editor: Trump is doing great despite bad reports

by | May 4, 2018 3:00 pm

Last Updated: May 4, 2018 at 11:23 am

Dear Editor:

For the past year we have watched our elected President Donald Trump be treated like a criminal, a crook, a traitor, a mentally unbalanced person and a man not fit to serve in any capacity. Big media has aimed their guns and power directly at President Trump far more than any president or politician in history. They have become political assassins rather than news organizations.

Their bias has gone beyond being partial to Democrats. It has turned into a rumor-mongering, mud-slinging engine of negative publicity designed solely to bring down the President. No longer using fact-based reporting, they take any rumor and turn it into a major story. They use quotes from unnamed sources given to them by unreliable or unknown people.  They resort to creating hypothetical problems as if they are real.

It is pathetic when an affair that may or may not have happened 10 years ago is major news, day after day, for months. Yet, they excused and protected and re-elected Clinton for actually having affairs in the White House — one with an 18-year-old intern. Today he is a hero to liberals and progressives.

Now after hours, days, weeks and months the Russia–Trump collusion case is, for all intents and purposes, over and not one proof of wrongdoing by President Trump has been reported. Mueller and now Rosenstien, assistant attorney general, state formally that the president is not under investigation. As expected, the progressive liberals say sheepishly: “It ain’t over yet.” No apology, just more lies.

This “mentally unbalanced” president who, according to progressives should not have access to the nuclear button has brought North Korea to the table. When the first poison gas attack took place in Syria, he sent missiles in to destroy the source. When he said military action in North Korea was possible, the liberals wailed and predicted doom. No phony lines in the sand, just a president who does what he says. North Korea heard what he said and reacted by asking for a meeting. America is now beginning to regain its position as world leader rather than cowing down and trying to lead from behind.

He is bringing jobs back to America by the tens of thousands. His tax cuts for personal and business taxes are creating increased take-home pay and record new jobs at the same time.

African Americans now have the lowest unemployment rate in history. Women have the highest employment rate in 30 years. The rising stock market has increased retirement plans dramatically. Here in South Carolina, unemployment is the lowest in 17 years. That is meaningful progress.

The elite liberals and academia have started our country down the road to destruction. By using identity politics, they are continually dividing and creating new divisions of Americans. They are stirring the pot of anger and distrust between average Americans. White privilege is their new wedge to further create racial divide and distrust between African Americans and whites. African Americans are beginning to see the promises liberals make to the African American community are false promises and never delivered.

Progressives have turned our college campuses into institutions of censorship while encouraging violence to stop any speaker or any action they object to. No debate or discussion is necessary because the elite left is always right …. except when they are totally wrong …. which is most of the time. They fill our young peoples’ heads with propaganda about socialism and refer to conservatives as racists, as well as every other name, including calling us: “deplorables.”

They shouted, screamed, marched like little children and rioted because they lost the election. Look at the last year and remember the doom they predicted; the guilt of President Trump that never was; and the warnings of all the things President Trump could not do. They have made a major news item out of mediocre mistakes and even ridiculed his hands, his hair and most important, his tie is too long.

We deplorables elected President Trump to drain the swamp and he is keeping his campaign promises. The progressives refuse to believe that the president is a non-politician who will actually do what he said he would do. Through it all, he has steadily moved forward toward his goal of making America great again! Be ready for 2020! If we do not work together, we will turn America over to socialist communist leaders!

Noel Ison


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  1. Comment by Ha

    May 6, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    Unless you are privy to information no one else is, have a PhD in psychology or just have your head in the sand you obviously will be believe anything because Trump is aligning to the extreme right agenda which for him is something he may not believe in in his heart of hearts but is just exploiting for his own gain. He has taken pages from dictators of the past including propaganda tactics to trick the American public. Believe what you want that is your right, but its going to get ugly.

  2. Comment by Vasilisa Hamilton

    May 9, 2018 at 9:28 am

    I agree with you, Ha. As soon as I saw the headline, I knew this letter was written by Mr. Ison. He loves to spread Trump propaganda that is based on alternative facts. Trump is an unethical, corrupt, philandering, Obama-envying Putin-powered con man.

    Twenty-three people have been indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller, who served honorably in Vietnam, and who also happens to be a Republican. Many of the 23 people who have been indicted are known Trump associates, like Michael Cohen. Trump’s lies matter.

    In Trump world, MAGA means many are getting arrested, make attorneys get attorneys, and Mueller ain’t going away (23+ indictments to date). He’s following the money.

    Consider Trump’s policies. They are not sound or well thought out and are designed to enrich Trump, the office of the president, and millionaires and billionaires like him at taxpayers’ expense. Trump is a demagogue. America can do and be better, and America deserves better than Trump’s feckless leadership.


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