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by | May 8, 2018 8:28 am

It is the final week of the legislative session, which ends on Thursday, May 10. Lawmakers will likely return in a few weeks to vote on the Governor’s budget vetoes and any bills in conference committee, including S.954, a bill that would suspend most of the V.C. Summer rate hikes and delay the Public Service Commission’s decision on abandonment.

The state budget is also in conference committee, where lawmakers are hammering out a compromise between the House and Senate versions. The House has placed a temporary funding measure on their floor calendar, in case the budget is not completed before the beginning of the next fiscal year in July.

On Thursday – the last day of session – lawmakers will be electing Public Service Commissioners to fill seats 2, 4 and 6. These commissioners will help decide who pays for the V.C. Summer project and whether or not the SCANA/Dominion merger can proceed.

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering two candidates for the Santee Cooper board of directors. Santee Cooper board members are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, with an additional screening by the Public Utilities Review Committee.

The Senate floor calendar is quite long, and it is unlikely that all of the bills listed will pass. A few bills of significance are S.1183, an unconstitutional bill allowing lawmakers to change a special purpose commission’s appointment method (SCPC analysis); H.5341, which would bring the South Carolina tax code into conformity with the federal tax code; H.3529, which would prohibit local governments from banning plastic bags (SCPC analysis); and H.3146, which would amend the state constitution to make the superintendent of education a gubernatorial appointment (SCPC analysis).

As bills and issues covered in our annual publication Best & Worst of the General Assembly 2017 appear on the legislative calendars, we color-code them according to their status in Best & Worst and link to the appropriate page. To view this week’s full calendar online, click here.


Who’s feeding your lawmakers this week?

  • American Petroleum Institute-South Carolina
  • South Carolina Tire Manufacturers Council

On the House and Senate Floor:

  • S.190 – Revises SC’s nonprofit laws
  • S.506 – Allowing emergency prescription refills by out-of-state pharmacists
  • S.302 – Marching band instruction equivalent to physical education
  • S.67 – Allowing redevelopment fees to be spent on additional sites
  • S.648 – Allowing Midlands Tech an exemption to surplus property laws
  • S.596 – Replacing John de la Howe’s board with an interim board
  • S.115 – Mandatory training program and certification for alcoholic beverage servers
  • S.176 – Prohibiting the operation of drones too close to prisons
  • S.109 – Prohibiting the operation of drones too close to federal or military sites
  • S.928 – Allowing special purpose districts to donate art to nonprofits
  • S.671 – Joint resolution to fund state government if the budget isn’t passed in time
  • H.3722 – Bond bill (SCPC analysis)
  • H.4480 – More stringent texting and driving laws
  • H.3521 – Compassionate Care: medical use of cannabis (SCPC analysis)
  • H.4978 – Amends regulations for athletic trainers
  • H.5002 – Beauty salons may now offer barbering
  • H.5061 – Requiring breaks for 12-hour pharmacy shifts
  • H.4947 – Allowing public employees to transfer sick days to a specific leave recipient
  • S.1027 – Lifting certain unemployment filing requirements for employers with less than 50 employees
  • S.810 – Taxes, fees and additional regulations for pawnbrokers
  • H.4590 – Loosens supervision requirements for detox therapy practice
  • S.1183 – Richland delegation may transfer special purpose commissioner appointment power from governor to county council (SCPC analysis here and here)
  • H.4116 – Doctors don’t have to secure a “maintenance of certification” for hospital admitting privileges
  • S.709 – Requiring annual fire and safety drills in public schools
  • S.857 – Removing governor & superintendent of education from Wil Lou Gray board of trustees
  • H.3895 – Revising structure of Office of Revenue & Fiscal Affairs
  • H.3867 – Property tax exemptions for nonprofit housing corporations
  • S.189 – Overhauls state LLC regulatory laws
  • H.3138 – Festival permits for selling beer and wine
  • H.3549 – Schools must give direct permission for issuance of liquor license to nearby business
  • H.4077 – Codifying the exceptional needs tax credit
  • H.4628 – Prohibiting a telemarketer from making a consumer telephone call with a spoofed telephone number that displays a SC area code, unless the caller has a physical presence in SC
  • H.4657 – Amending enforcement of insurance laws
  • S.962 – Licensing for addiction counselors (House amendment)
  • H.4657 – Penalties for violations of insurance laws
  • H.4466 – Allowing counties to regulate unlicensed vehicles
  • H.4973 – Retired legislators and public officials can have special license plates
  • H.5341 – Bringing SC’s tax code into conformity with federal IRS code
  • H.3146 – Constitutional amendment allowing governor to appoint superintendent of education(SCPC analysis)
  • H.4698 – Waives exam requirements for license to practice medicine at DDSN
  • H.4795 – Suspending law for a Hilton Head auction
  • H.4799 – Creating interstate physical therapy licensure compact
  • S.160 – Reestablishes sentencing reform oversight committee
  • S.324 – Retired officials can carry concealed anywhere (similar to H.3025 – SCPC analysis)
  • S.148 – Additional fee for magistrate court civil filings
  • H.3885 – Additional regulations for health care practitioners
  • H.3055 – New study committee and pilot program regarding criminal justice
  • H.3234 – Strikes occupancy requirement for tenants primarily engaged in agriculture
  • S.934 – Procurement exemption for Medical University of South Carolina
  • H.3427 – Computer Science Education Initiative
  • S.785 – Revises membership of Consumer Affairs Commission
  • S.431 – Unlawful to threaten schools
  • S.833 – Local govts can require property owners to keep property clean
  • S.1067 – Establishes the “Covering Autism Responsibly for Everyone” program and provides funding
  • S. 212 – Compassionate Care: medical use of cannabis (SCPC analysis)
  • H.3529 – Local governments may not ban plastic bags (SCPC analysis)
  • S.516 – Expedited law enforcement/court reporting for background check system
  • H.3139 – Selling beer & wine at baseball complexes
  • H.4486 – Allows licensed EMS personnel to operate in other states upon agreement
  • H.4529 – Regulates “telemedicine”
  • H.3622 – Expanding scope of practice for podiatrists (SCPC analysis)
  • H.4009 – Creates the “Motorsports Tourism Incentive Fund”
  • H.4458 – Restructuring litter penalty laws
  • H.3896 – Local body may pass ordinance requiring individual to keep property clean
  • H.5042 – Further regulations for schools with at-risk budget practices
  • H.5063 – Agriculture department doesn’t have regulatory control over home-based food production
  • H.3068 – Regulations regarding student athletes and their agents
  • H.4875 – Establishes voluntary solar best-management practices for commercial solar energy sites
  • H.4093 – Creates South Carolina Employment First Oversight Commission
  • H.4601 – Expands scope/definition of addiction counseling
  • H.4815 – Regulating speech-language pathologists further
  • S.890 – Providing for utilities to procure energy from independent power producers
  • H.4304 – PSC can encourage utilities to advance economic development
  • H.4375 – Retroactively amending the Base Load Review Act (SCPC analysis)
  • H.4379 – Creating a duplicate utilities consumer advocate in Office of Consumer Affairs
  • S.547 – Calling a constitutional convention to rewrite the US Constitution (SCPC analysis)
  • S.1026 – Greenville Health System board of trustees
  • S.1119 – Advisory referendum regarding Greenville Health System

Tuesday – 5/8/18

Senate committee meetings

Judiciary Committee

  • Appointments for Santee Cooper Board of Directors

Wednesday – 5/9/18

Senate Judiciary subcommittee meeting

  • S.909 – V.C. Summer preservation

Thursday – 5/10/18

Public Service Commission elections for seats 2, 4 and 6

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