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The Band of Blue Booster Club hosted its 32nd annual Band of Blue Awards Program on May 24 at Colleton County High School in the Performing Arts Center. The program was presented by the Band of Blue Booster Club.
Recognized at this year’s event were:

2017-2018 Band of Blue Booster Officers
Booster Club President: Jamie Bunton
Booster Vice Presidents; Donald Crosby, Kelly Wynn and David Jackson
Secretaries; Michelle Grinberg and Becky Hiers Roy
Treasurer: Tammy Crosby

New 2018-2019 Officers
Vice President: Randy Ballew
Secretary: Stephanie Parlin

Recognized for their help and support: Ashleigh Cook, Amy Jessen and Gary Bradley. Parents Misty Ballew, Tina Ritchie and Becky Hiers Roy for their timeless efforts for the Band.

Recognized for their help with transportation for the band: Tony Chubb, Charles Myers and John Delk

“Mary Anne Bunton” Good Friend Award:
Walterboro Motor Sales (Donald Crosby accepting)
Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Gwen Bunton

Band Awards
Catherine Bunton, Gracie Driggers, Amiayh Dunnigan, Emma Fillers, Tyasia Fryar, Thomas Hiott, Kashawn Lambright, Haley Jackson, Joelle Johnson, Kelly Leyva, Dashawn McNeil, Raquel Morales, Zackary O’Quinn, Iyanna Smalls, Gavin Thurston

Most Outstanding Junior Band
Haley Jackson

SCBDA All Region Bands
CLINIC BAND: Logan Bailey, Sydney Howard, Jermia Christian
SENIOR BAND: Anthony Crimley, Maria Manaeva, Shakayla Gill, Cassidy Carter, Robert Dent

2018 SCBDA Clinic All State Band:
William Finigan

Color Guard Awards
Most Improved 8th Grade Cadet Guard: Stephanie Arnold
Most Outstanding 8th Grade Cadet Guard: Tyejawna Salley
Guard Captain: Makayla Smith And Shaquanay Kelly
The Slam Guard Award: Morgan Dandridge
The Toss Guard Award: Dyneira Brown
The Spin Guard Award: Kara Wynn
Most Outstanding Color Guard: Bailey Raez
Band Of Blue Band Captains: Anthony Crimely And Cody Dalton
Woodwind/Brass/Percussion Captains: Seyvon Broughton, Curtis Nesmith, Shakayla Gill, Maria Manaeva
Band Lieutenants: Sydney Wolfe, Cassidy Carter, Taylor Fussell, Robert Dent, Austin Ballew, Ryan Russell, Cheyanne Rice
Band Sergeants: Bailey Crosby, Michaela Bennett, Willow Roberts, Tylan Gant, Kevin Morales And Deondre Way
Equipment Quarter Masters: Jim Bunton, Joel Crosby, Anthony Crimely, Nick Jackson, Caleb Grinberg, Jacob Havers, Logan Bailey, Bryan Ketchum, William Finigan, Tre Ferguson, Megan Gooding, Tylan Gant, Ethan Thurston
Band of Blue Drum Majors for 2017-2018: Miriam Yale, Hunter Pinckney, Megan Newton
2018-2019 Drum Majors: Hunter Pinckney, Megan Newton, Nick Jackson.

2018 Incoming Rookies:
Ryleigh Bishop, Catherine Bunton, Fowler Davis, Jalyn Fishburne, Peyton Grant, Ali Cook, Esmeralda Morales-Flores, Dooley Hiott, Eric Campbell, Gabriella Green, Fantasia Hodges, McKayla Mays, Hayley Jackson, KayShawn Lambright, Emily Pinckney, Raquel Morales, Joelle Johnson, Deyzanae Neals, Kelly Leyva, Zach O’Quinn, Danita Rowes, Sierra Smart, Jamari Washington, Gabriel Smith, Camille Ellison, Gavin Thurston, Sammy Ferguson, Delaine Ford, Ty’Asia Fryar, Stephanie Arnold, Danielle Pierce, Emma Fillers, Ayrionna Brown, Iyonna Smalls, Christine Claxton, Cooper Corbett, Hope Crosby, Amiyah Dunigan, Charlea Grant, Genesis Frazier, Jemetrius Lewis, Madison Metzmeier, Jaden Gethers, Tyejawanna Salley, Jamiyah Lawton, Krysta Padgett, Devon Valentine, Kevin White, Edward Jaques, Gracie Driggers, Alayna Johnson, Aniyah Elliott, Sean Fanchette, Alaysia Stephens, Peyton Taylor, DeShawn McNeil, Davontae Hills

Receiving Band Letters for 2017-2018
Those Lettering For The First Time Are: Sydney Howard, Allysa Gethers, Savannah Bongiorno, Chandler Ballew, Michael Pollack, Jermia Christian, Ryan King, Bradley Westbury, Zoe Worden, Adashia Taylor, Emma Nesmith, Jazmyne Hamilton, Morgan Hadwin, Keyondra Fryar, Anola Dowling, Tori Campbell, Cadence Campbell, Hannah Beiring, Lindsey Barnes ,Michelle Bachawicz ,Samantha Adkins, Geroge Ritchie, Justin Fronek, Noah Feather, Daylen Battle, Tayron Levant, Ariel Bowers, Brianna Schultz, Christina Morrall, Seyvon Broughton
Those Lettering For The Second Time Are: Kayla Grinberg
Those Lettering For The Third Time Are: Michaela Bennett, Jasmine Pryor, Willow Roberts, Megan Newton, Jim Bunton, Nick Jackson, Anthony Lisbon, Felicity Steward, Priester, Jada Hamilton, Logan Bailey, Benton, Ryanna, Bryan Ketchum, William Finigan, Jacob Havers, Crosby, Caitlin ,Dandridge, Morgan, Garland, Al-Tayjaha, Burns, Hannah, Delk, Lillianna, Megan Gooding, Haley, Hannah, Kirkhart, Tina, Ethan Thurston, Wynn, Kara, Adam Robertson, Curtis Nesmith, Tre Ferguson, Lorenzo Hall, Satterence Robinson, Zander Richards, Ryan Russel, Bailey Crosby, Willow Roberts, Zykeria Walters, Shayvaughn Sweat, Makayla Hinz, Caleb Austin Ballew, Brown, Dyneira, Lee, Lexie Davis, Caroline, Francis, Ja’Niah, Cheyenne Myers, Julie Velasquez
Four-Year Lettermen Are: Cassidy Carter, Maria Maenava, Shakayla Gill, Taylor Fussell, Sydney Wolfe, Cody Dalton, Miriam Yale, Robert Dent, Elizabeth Lawton, Anthony Crimley, Trinity Holt, Heaven Teal, Tiffany Infinger, Shaquanay Kelly, Bailey Raez

Class of 2018:
Seyvon Broughton, Cassidy Carter, Priscilla Chapman, Anthony Crimely, Cody Dalton, Ashley Dantzler, Robert Dent, Jacob Ellington, Shadell Frasier, Taylor Fussell, Shakayla Gill, Annaliese Hawkins, Trinity Holt, Tiffany Infinger, Shaquanay Kelly, Elizabeth Lawton, Maria Manaeva, Curtis Nesmith, Bailey Raez, Cheyanne Rice, Ryan Russell, Brianna Schultz, Makayla Smith, Heaven Leigh Teal, Sydney Wolfe, Miriam Yale
Most Improved Rookie: Christina Morrall
Most Improved Guard: Morgan Hadwin And Zoe Worden
Most Improved Percussion: Bradley Westbury
Most Improved Woodwind: Sydney Howard & Jasmine Pryor
Most Improved Brass: Jim Bunton
Most Outstanding Woodwind: Maria Manaeva
Most Outstanding Brass Player: Willliam Finigan
Most Outstanding Percussionist: Adam Robertson
USMC Semper Fi Award: Miriam Yale
United States Army All American Marching Band Nominees: Michaela Bennett, Hunter Pinckney, Megan Newton, Tre Ferguson, Kevin Morales
Band of Blue Rookies of The Year: Chandler Ballew And Jermia Christian
The Most Outstanding Sophomores: Logan Bailey And William Finigan
The Most Outstanding Junior: Michaela Bennett
The 2018 William T. Young Jr. True Blue Award: Shaquanay Kelly, Cassidy Carter, Taylor Fussell and Robert Dent
The 2018 Directors Award for Excellence: Shakayla Gill And Maria Manaeva
The 2018 John Philip Sousa Award: Cody Dalton And Anthony Crimely
Finigan thanked all of the parents who do so much for The Band of Blue. He also gave special thanks to Katie Hudson, Cassie Headden, Josh Craven, Eric Ferguson, Casey Chubb, Chakeria Allen, Thomas Finigan, Bob Buckner, Tim Hinton, Tracy Smith, Joe Meshach, and Bill Young.
The Band of Blue is under the direction of Tom Finigan with assistance from Associate Director Nick Infinger, and Assistant Directors Gary Stroupe and Cathy Meshach.
The Band of Blue will finish out the year performing June 8th at the Colleton County High School Graduation Ceremony at 7:30 p.m.

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