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by | April 4, 2018 5:00 pm

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The Colleton Prep junior varsity soccer team fell 2-1 against the Colleton County JV team Wednesday March 28 in a friendly match between the two local teams.
“Our girls did well in the first half, scoring the first goal of the game,” said Coach Bray Campbell. “However, about halfway through the first half, we seemed to fall apart a bit. Our goalie, Kayla Banks, took a hard fall and hurt her hip, and I think this caused a little bit of anxiety for the girls. Ella Nolte handled the goalie duties then, making some saves for us. I am proud of her for stepping up and doing the best she could.
“We went into the second half down 2-1 and could not come from behind to score again,” said Campbell. “We had to really play defense most of the second half. Sweeper Hannah Wilson was playing most of the game with an injured knee. She is a strong leader on defense, so when she had to come out of the game to rest her knee, we sort of fell apart again. The girls fought hard during parts of last night’s game, but we just didn’t communicate and go after the ball enough to come out with a win.”
Campbell cited the efforts of four players in last week’s game. “Goalie Kayla Banks was fantastic,” said Campbell. “She made some great stops against some hard shots. During the first half, she punted the ball to Emily Wilson who dribbled up the field and scored. It was cool to see a goalie get an assist. Even though she wasn’t one hundred percent in the second half, she didn’t stop playing tough — keeping her head high and leaving everything on the field. I am pleased with the effort she has given this season and her desire to learn more about soccer and her position.
“Outside defender Jessica Hughes has really impressed me this year,” said Campbell. “She is a go-getter and will not back away from a challenge. She hustled to the ball and made sure to stop running only when the ball went out of bounds. She understands what it means to switch with other players on the field and to stop the opposing team from scoring. If she wasn’t taking the ball, she was putting pressure on offensive players to cause them to push outside or miss a shot. I am incredibly proud of her effort and determination.
“Ally Crook and Kaylee Warren, both outside midfielders, also had a good game,” said Campbell. “They worked hard and did a lot of running. Being midfielders, they must play offense and defense. These two girls can sometimes get sucked into the middle, but they are great at listening and getting back where they need to be quickly. They are both very apprehensive about playing midfield, but I know they are great there. They must gain the confidence in themselves that I have in them, and they will be unstoppable.
“I would like to thank CCMS and their coaching staff, along with Jay Davis, who has been wonderful this year,” said Campbell. “They have helped our team get in more games to gain more experience and to improve skills. I am very thankful for them being so patient and cooperative with our program here at CPA.”

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