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by | April 19, 2018 5:00 pm

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A Dinner Plate Fundraiser will be held Saturday April 21 to raise funds for equipment and gear for Colleton County’s special needs children. The event will be from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Coastal Outback Building.
Plates will include barbecue, cole slaw, rice and hash, roll and dessert for $10.
The event is being organized by three “Autism Moms” — Heather Davis, Lacey Persianni and Jessica Bloodworth.
“We decided to have a community fundraiser to raise the funds to supply some equipment and gear to the special needs classrooms and therapeutic rooms. We have sent out a letter to all of the elementary therapists and special needs teachers in Colleton County asking what is needed in the classrooms and therapy rooms that our special kiddos can benefit from most. From the discussions we have had among ourselves and with teachers and therapists, a ‘sensory room’ is what we are hearing the most,” Davis said.
A sensory room, as described on advocacyinaction.net, is “designed to both calm and stimulate the senses in children with special needs. Occupational Therapist Carol Cantu says that sensory rooms have three main purposes:
“1. to provide relaxation and enjoyment by eliminating distraction
“2. to increase creative sensory input
“3. to facilitate communication and mobility for children with a wide range of disabilities.
“Sensory issues are common in children with special needs. Sensory issues include sensitivity to smells, touch, texture, taste, light and sound. For example, some children with sensory issues find different types of clothing bothersome.
“Sounds bother other children, even sounds most of us struggle to hear. The exact cause of sensory problems is not known. However, it relates to poor processing of the information received through the senses.
“Many children with autism have sensory issues. There is also a specific disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder.”
For more information, call 843-542-5787.

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