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Rice Festival queens chosen | News | The Press and Standard

by | March 30, 2018 5:00 am

Last Updated: March 28, 2018 at 10:03 am

Winners in the 2018 Miss Rice Festival Pageant held Saturday were:

Baby Miss Division:
Rice Festival Sweetheart Princess: Rayleigh Beach
Black & White Photogenic Winner: Rentz Westbury
Color Photogenic Winner: Rentz Westbury
Snapshot Winner: Hope Nettles
Prettiest Smile: Rayleigh Beach
Prettiest Hair: Rentz Westbury
Prettiest Eyes: Hope Nettles
2nd Runner Up: Rentz Westbury
1st Runner Up: Hope Nettles
Baby Miss Rice Festival: Rayleigh Beach

Toddler Miss Division:
Rice Festival Sweetheart Princess: Sadie Williams and Ava Trippe
Black & White Photogenic Winner: Annabelle Hilton
Color Photogenic Winner: Sadie Williams
Snapshot Winner: Sadie Williams
Prettiest Smile: Ava Trippe
Prettiest Hair: Sadie Williams
Prettiest Eyes: Ava Trippe
4th Runner Up: Sadie Williams
3rd Runner Up: Adalyn Langdale
2nd Runner Up: Annabelle Hilton
1st Runner Up: Sutton Hill
Toddler Miss Rice Festival: Ava Trippe

Tiny Miss Division:
Rice Festival Sweetheart Princess: Ashira Entrekin, Madison Bodison, and Laci Tripp
Overall Rice Festival Sweetheart Winner: Aryah Thomas
Color Photogenic Winner: Alyssa Langdale
Snapshot Winner: Ashira Entrekin
Prettiest Smile: Laci Tripp
Prettiest Hair: Ashira Entrekin
Prettiest Eyes: Alyssa Langdale
3rd Runner Up: Ashira Entrekin
2nd Runner Up: Madison Bodison
1st Runner Up: Alyssa Langdale
Tiny Miss Rice Festival: Laci Tripp

Petite Miss Division:
Rice Festival Sweetheart Princess: Allie Garvin
Prettiest Smile, Hair, and Eyes: Allie Garvin
Theme Wear Winner: Allie Garvin
Petite Miss Rice Festival: Allie Garvin

Junior Miss Division:
Rice Festival Sweetheart Princess: Savannah Ross, Sadie Hiott, and Lilly Crosby
Black & White Photogenic Winner: Lilly Crosby
Color Photogenic: Lilly Crosby
Snapshot Winner: Sadie Hiott
Prettiest Smile: Avery Gallagher
Prettiest Hair: Avery Gallagher
Prettiest Eyes: Sadie Hiott
5th Runner Up: Savannah Ross
4th Runner Up: Lilly Crosby
3rd Runner Up: Sadie Hiott
2nd Runner Up: Avery Gallagher
1st Runner Up: Lindsey Chapman
Junior Miss Rice Festival: Mason Blatter

Preteen Miss Division:
Rice Festival Sweetheart: Briana Brown
Black & White Photogenic Winner: Paisley Wolfe
Color Photogenic Winner: Paisley Wolfe
Prettiest Smile: Paisley Wolfe
Prettiest Hair: Paisley Wolfe
Prettiest Eyes: Anna Mangum
2nd Runner Up: Briana Brown
1st Runner Up: Anna Mangum
Preteen Miss Rice Festival: Paisley Wolfe

Miss Division:
Prettiest Smile, Hair, and Eyes: Deanna Munro
Theme Wear Winner: Deanna Munro
Miss Rice Festival: Deanna Munro

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