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by | March 23, 2018 5:00 am

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The Walterboro Police are taking steps to increase litter enforcement effort.
Walterboro’s City Appearance Board secured a $5,000 enforcement grant from Palmetto Pride. The funds will be to be used to purchase a digital still surveillance camera that can be put to work in the litter-prone areas of the city.
Corporal Amye Stivender, the city police department’s public information officer, said that Police Chief Wade Marvin had the performance of the various surrvelience cameras evaluated and the camera purchase was expected before the end of the month.
Dana Cheney, chairman of the City Appearance Board, said the camera will take a digital picture every few seconds and officers, by viewing the photos, will be able to see who is dumping the trash and record the license plate of their vehicle.
Stivender said that grant funds, in addition to purchasing the camera, will be used to provide training to the city officer designated the department’s litter enforcement officer.
Cheney said as part of the grant, the city police will have to provide Palmetto Pride statistics concerning their littering citations.
The enforcement funding was one of three grants the City Appearance Board was able to obtain from Palmetto Pride, South Carolina’s anti-littering and beautification agency.
Cheney said Palmetto Pride provided a $5,000 grant that was put to work purchasing trash receptacles.
He said that the cement receptacles, similar to the ones installed in the downtown area, will be placed in the Jefferies Boulevard areas being beautified under the city’s Business Loop project. They will also be placed in the amphitheater area of the new Discovery Center.
A third grant, totaling $3,000, will be used for the purchase of additional trash receptacles and for plantings and landscaping, probably also part of the Business Loop project.
“We did it to help the city,” Cheney said. He pointed out that the city did not have to provide matching funds to secure the grants. “We are trying to find more grants,” he added.
One anti-littering effort the City Appearance Board has undertaken is not dependent on funding — it depends on community pride.
The board members have implemented an informal adopt-a-street program. “We are still trying to clean the city,” Cheney said. “If everyone goes out and picks up their street, the city stays clean.”
Adopt-a-street is the most flexible and ultimately the best method to clean up the litter, Cheney said. “It doesn’t take much to go out and do your street.”
Cheney said the informal clean-up effort is an alternative to the more organized cleanup efforts conducted by the board previously that failed to generate community participation.
The new program, he added, “has been slow to build, we have got 10-15 residents cleaning their streets.”
Bonnie Ross, an administrative aide for the city, has forms available for those willing to join the anti-littering plan. Call Ross during regular business hours at 843-782-1001 or email her at and she will mail out the form to make the participation official.
Grabbers, gloves and trash bags are available from the City Appearance Board.

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