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As I was perusing my Facebook page a couple of days ago, I noticed a very short video that tugged at the core of my heart. It was all action with only minimal spoken words. I just cannot get it off my mind, so I chose to explain its content and the lesson it teaches as my message for this week.
The setting was an elementary school classroom. Students began putting away their belongings, when the teacher instructed them to eat their lunch. They all took out their lunch boxes and began to open them. One little boy, who had such a solemn look on his face, took out his nice little gray-colored lunch box and proceeded to open it, but it was empty. With a pitiful expression on his face, he looked around at the other children in the room as they began to eat.
Quietly, he raised his hand to leave the classroom. He walked down the hall to the water fountain and took a few sips. Then he turned away from the fountain and proceeded to look out of the window. After a brief view of the outside, he walked back to his classroom to join his teachers and classmates.
Still with that pensive look, he removed his lunch box from his desk as if he were going to put it away, but abruptly, he noticed something. The box felt a little heavier than before. So he put it back on the desk and peeked inside. He noticed something was in it and looked around the room. Finally removing the top of the lunch box, he noticed that he had a full container of food. Then he shyly smiled, along with some of the other kids, as he began to partake of his unexpected blessing.
What a powerful message presented by a group of children and their teacher! This video message is entitled, “Take Care of Each Other.” You must see it if you haven’t already. It already has over 60 million views. In Apostle Paul’s letter to the Early Christian communities of Galatia, he instructed them: “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2 KJV).
Paul’s whole point to the Early Christians was that if they were going to fulfill the law of Christ, they were to be there for each other in times of distress, troubles, trials, tribulations, weaknesses, disappointment, and the like. In other words, take care of each other. A true Christian is going to look out for his fellow man and will not have to be asked to do it.
The Word already says it, so why the wait? There should not be one. If you know that there is a need in the community, don’t wait to be asked to help. Step in and do the will of God. Be a blessing to somebody so that you can be a blessing to God.
Some of us can be so selfish with our blessings that we never want to share. Remember that just as God gave us those blessings, He can certainly remove them. I am sure that we have all seen those who have been “on top of the world” in wealth, and then one day, there is no more. No doubt, some of this can be attributed to selfishness when they had the opportunity to share and would not do so.
We must always keep in mind that those we see as we move up the ladder to success, we will also see on our way back down if we are not careful with what we do with our blessings.
Let me share a personal story with you about taking care of others. I walked in a local department store one afternoon during the Christmas holidays to get some gift wrapping supplies and other small items. I overheard a conversation that a woman was having with someone else in the store. She saw some mini-Christmas stockings that were stuffed with candy and other small items. I heard her say that she wished she could buy one for each one of her granddaughter’s classmates as a Christmas gift, but she didn’t have the money.
To me, they were very reasonably priced, but she could not afford them. I even heard her mention the number of students in the child’s class. The frustrating look on her face and the disappointing sound in her voice spoke to me. God laid it on my heart in an instant to help her.
I went to this woman and told her that I overheard her conversation. I talked with her for a few minutes. Then I told her that I would buy the stockings. She picked up the number that she needed for her granddaughter and her classmates. We went to the counter, and I told the cashier to ring them up for her, and I would pay for them. She could not stop thanking me.
Another woman who was standing nearby and witnessed it all said to me, “That was a very nice thing you did for her.” I said to her that each morning I close my prayer with these words, “Lord, help me to be a blessing to someone so that I can be a blessing to You.”
The woman I helped — I did not know her, nor did she know me. However, that was not important. What was important is that I helped her to do something that she could not do for her granddaughter, and that made her happy. When you do good things for others in the name of Jesus, you never know how you are going to reap the blessings, but you will.
Two days before Christmas, after this and other acts of kindness during this time, on my part, we received a call that our youngest son had been in a terrible car accident and had to be airlifted to a hospital in Charleston. He was put in intensive care for a few days and then moved to a regular room. Given the impact of that accident and his injuries, it is a miracle that he survived. I told our son that on the morning of his accident, God placed an angel called “Mercy” on the seat beside him.
Thank God for this blessing of saving my child! Take care of others in their times of distress and disappointment, and God will surely take care of you.
Have a wonderfully blessed week, and never leave home without Him!

(Anna Bright is a minister and educator in Walterboro. She can be reached at

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